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Recent content by Wackyrabbit

  1. Question? Two lane highway.

    Sorry that is goods buildings that needed the two lane street. That you for your answers, understood and going great now. Thanks
  2. Question? Two lane highway.

    Not sure if this is where questions are asked and answered anyway here goes. I need a two lane highway for a GB and not sure if the two lane needs to go the complete way throughout out my city or just where the GB is located, can anyone tell me how the two lane highway system works and how do I...
  3. Caption Competition

    mmmmm..I will ask mummy to buy me this.
  4. Challenge 3

    My world is Langendorn A - 4 B - 3 C - 6 D - 1 E - 2 F - 5
  5. Challenge 1

    My world is Langendorn 1. Winter Event 2. FOE Soccer Event 3. Fall Event 4. Archaeology Event 5. Spring Event 6. Summer Event 7. St. Patrick’s Day Event 8. Halloween Event
  6. Challenge 1

    My World is Langendorn The pieces needed in order are # 9, 3 & 4