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Recent content by WearyBrawler2992

  1. WearyBrawler2992

    New Issue GBG causing game to crash on ipads.

    Several of my guildmates are experiencing similar issues accessing GBG on iPads and iPhones. I have had no problem on PC and tried accessing it on my Android phone and it seemed to work okay. I don't do GBG on my phone so can't be certain, but I was able to access several provinces and started a...
  2. WearyBrawler2992

    PvP Arena (Reworked) Feedback

    So far it's okay. Not spending anything except a few units a day, so the rewards, although not great, aren't costing me much. And it's kind of cool facing higher age units. However the matchmaking could do with some work. Possibly a byproduct of there only being 2,000 participants in Z world...
  3. WearyBrawler2992

    New Issue whole hood now reset?

    It would appear that at some point last night rankings in neighborhood and guild were set to 0 and are now adjusting based on ranking points earned since the glitch. It does not affect your actual points or ranking in your FL. If you search for a player in the global rankings it will change the...
  4. WearyBrawler2992

    When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    The hypothesis I have heard is that they are using Guild ID as the second criteria for matchups. So take all guilds with 1000 LP, then rank them by Guild ID (basically age of the guild) and group them. There's a video out there on the youtube that talks about it (I'm pretty sure that's all I can...
  5. WearyBrawler2992

    Algorithm on Crow’s Nest changed

    My historic distribution, 5 current CNs and dating back to my first when they came out in 2019, 2701 total collections: 7% diamonds 39% FP 40% goods 14% medals Over the last 30 days, 145 collections (missed a day to reset collection time): 10% diamonds...
  6. WearyBrawler2992

    2000 Aborted quest limit per day

    Whether lag is a topic in the forums or not, I don't know. It is a topic in my guild, especially when it affects sector races in GBG and is most notable in the evening hours (as one might expect). It is not as bad as a couple of years ago when the game could lag horribly around GVG recalc time...
  7. WearyBrawler2992

    [Question] How much does damage reduce attack?

    I don't think it is necessarily true that killing a unit is always better than wounding multiple units. I have found when facing 4 artillery units that hitting all four and taking them down to 1-2 dots of health will mean that they in turn will usually only do 1 dot of health in damage. Killing...
  8. WearyBrawler2992

    2000 Aborted quest limit per day

    I've been reading this discussion since it began and some of it has been very interesting, some not so much. I feel for the players whose playstyle has been significantly affected by this change, if something similar were to affect my gameplay I would be equally upset. I would probably adjust...
  9. WearyBrawler2992

    Suishun Mill Upgrade Kit

    Open your inventory, in the upper right corner (to the right of the search box on PC, to the far right on mobile), is a little padlock icon and a check box. Check the box and it will allow you to lock or unlock items in your inventory. Go to the Upgrade Kit and uncheck the box by the same little...
  10. WearyBrawler2992

    Feedback for update 1.200

    I tried adjusting the zoom and it also made the field better fit the screen, but everything else is too big and it's not worth having to adjust back and forth. Something much more annoying is the GBG map keeps repositioning to the top of the map. First I noticed it when I was accessing the map...
  11. WearyBrawler2992

    Feedback for update 1.200

    I have experienced the same change. I assumed it was related to this part of the announcement. We have completed a number of improvements on Browser allowing for a high resolution display on the campaign province view, on battles screens, as well as during Guild Versus Guild and Guild...
  12. WearyBrawler2992

    Flag with no Adjoining Sectors Revisited

    I saw this was reported last year and marked as addressed, but it either wasn't fixed or has come back. Today we had a guild (purple in the screenshot) get their attack cut off but the flag remained. That flag has persisted through two ownership changes between my guild (white) and the guild...
  13. WearyBrawler2992

    St. Patrick's Event 2021 questions and non feedback comments

    I have a question related to what happens with the Surprise Box. I've heard two very different scenarios for opening it and when you should do so. Do I need to do a Spoiler thing for that, and if so how do I do that?
  14. WearyBrawler2992

    City Shield

    It would be interesting if the Defending Army used the Campaign Map AI and didn't go after rogues first, but I doubt it would change most outcomes. As you say the imbalance is more in the A/D stats than the AI behavior. It might deter some but the folks you need a city shield for would just...