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Recent content by wolfhoundtoo

  1. How often will winners plaza come at the dealer?

    But it needs to be chained to the vineyard doesn't it?
  2. Post Plunder Idea/Feature

    There is already a method for a player to get revenge and get a chance to plunder the person that attacked them and there is no sense to making a 2nd method of doing that. I have no problem with the idea of you getting your stuff back if you won the defense but then you'd have to change it so...
  3. Blocked from selling culture blds

    What do you mean by blocked? Can you sell other buildings? Is it a diamond building? those usually require you to check a box to say you really want to sell them because you get nothing back for them.
  4. [Question] Event Buildings

    They'll usually be offered the next time that event comes up so the next winter event will likely offer you a chance at upgrades. It's possible that they may show up in other events as well but i'm not sure of the timing on that.
  5. Why aren't Behemoths more popular?

    For surrogate soldiers (ranged units) and behemoths. They can be useful for a mix of enemy units (so long as they aren't flying) if you have a mix of enemy units. Mind you I use them alone (no rogues).
  6. How to contact moderator?

    An easier way? You click on members at the top menu then you look over that page and click on the option that says "staff members". By chance did you contact support in game with a game idea and they suggested you come to the forum to propose it? Because if that's the case you don't need to...
  7. How to contact moderator?

    Look under members it will tell you the moderators. Who asked you to contact a mod and why as that might help you determine which one to contact (although I didn't think they had specific subforums in their duties but then again I never checked to see if that was true either. :) ). Given...
  8. Question on credits in SAM and SAAB

    thanks. Good to know assuming I ever get around to leaving AF. :)
  9. Question on credits in SAM and SAAB

    You lose access to the map for SAM when you move up to SAAB? I assume you mean when we move up via the tech tree. I can still access the SAM map even though i'm in SAAB part of the map.
  10. Unfair fight

    No. those leagues exist to get them players to get money. FTPs didn't lose anything because that add on to an event was solely meant to make Inno revenue and you lost nothing. You just didn't get something.
  11. Bakeries

    So? You still got 2 decent buildings for free.
  12. Double age jump, what happened to combat ability?

    You want better advice then you need to give us specifics. As you battle note down the enemy troops, their boosts and the units that you utilized. Troop type plays a large role in the losses you take.
  13. Double age jump, what happened to combat ability?

    You should start battle normally (without autobattling) then switch to autobattling and watch the fight. It might explain what's going wrong. Depending on the age and troop, you need to be careful about using 1 real troop and 7 rogues as your rogues might not turn fast enough for you to be...
  14. Winter Bakery Set Bonus

    The Cherry garden I don't believe had levels when the set came out. I don't remember the Celtic Forest (probably came out when i wasn't playing for a year).
  15. Why aren't Behemoths more popular?

    You might want to ask how high his att/def is and how high up his AO is so you can have some idea of what he's utilizing to auto battle.