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  1. Trap for FP only GBs?

    Are all your guildmates, friends and hoodies leveling their GB so often that you can put all of those forge points you are sinking into the GB and getting a return on them? then by all means keep doing that but I doubt that is the case. The question comes down to what benefit you will get from...
  2. GBG only using Siege Camps

    The usefulness of the other buildings are much more situational. While some of the boosts to victory points can be useful that is only true some of the time. Camps give an immediate return and if you are working with other guilds (or at least not going all out and letting chance decide if camps...
  3. 10 worth less than 8?

    Someone quite awhile back used to fight and retreat after the 1st wave and greatly increased their score as a result. Thus the 1st wave points were done away with to prevent this abuse.
  4. is Guild Battle Ground fair or good for the Game when reach the 1000 Level ?

    That would be a personal choice of the guild to decide which they prefer. While at the higher level you are getting less individual attacks the rewards for the guild are a bit better. As I recall you get more fragments of the shrine of honor in the higher leagues. Basically you need to decide...
  5. The Arc in the Iron age

    You can get blueprints by aiding buildings from the future era. Another way to get them is by placing in one of the top 5 spots when an Arc level completes which when the Arc (or any GB) is high enough it will grant blueprints to those in all 5 spots. So if you are in a guild with a bunch of...
  6. [Question] How do you get people to throw their FP on your GB?

    In some guilds you might find some people willing to gift you fps if they like you but generally if they are giving you fps then you'll have to have been doing something valuable to the guild. I know I've seen and I've given some fps to members of my guild to help them level their GBs. I...
  7. GB leveling reward FP for non friends and non neighbors

    According to the IRS it most certainly means no personal benefit (yes I do taxes :)). As for anything else now you are getting into intent. And snipers don't intend to give anything they intend to get something. The benefit to the owner of the GB is incidental otherwise they'd give the 190% and...
  8. GB leveling reward FP for non friends and non neighbors

    The context of this conversation was the sniping (which is what happened to the original poster). You are also incorrect in this case that the owner of the GB didn't lose anything since if he/she had properly set up their GB spots they'd of gotten 190% (assuming they are in a halfway decent...
  9. Archaeology Event

    Why don't you just defeat the army option so that you don't have to risk it.
  10. GB leveling reward FP for non friends and non neighbors

    too funny. While he isn't right to expect that they'll do the 1.9 bit that he thinks is 'usual' you aren't right that it was a donation They put the fps into that GB for the gain they get of the forge points for which they got more back than they placed into the GB.
  11. how to enter tournament?

    You have to use troops from that age to get points in the PVP tower when fighting. As I recall (from the last time I paid any conscious attention to it which was years ago) the highest aged troop in your army determines which tower the points are recorded in.
  12. When can we expect diamond purchase with lanterns

    I definitely got an offer the day that the tactician tower upgrade was the daily prize as I started trying to obtain one before I realize I wanted the sentinel outpost upgrade. :(
  13. When can we expect diamond purchase with lanterns

    I got one last week. Perhaps you missed it?
  14. Hover Tank Question

    It's always possible there is a bug but given the sheer amount of times I've used hover tanks this last week it seems unlikely it's a general bug. More likely you are mistaken that you are on the plain or the unit in question can see through stealth. As noted above Rail guns ignore stealth so...
  15. 1.9 Thread

    If your GB is in the 'sweet spot' (i.e. the point where 1st with the 90% boost can lock a position for less than 190% of the base prize) you definitely want to do get your spots locked starting with first. Most of the time only reason to lock later spots is if you are trying to get those...