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Recent content by wolfhoundtoo

  1. Getting back into PvP

    You didn't get kicked out. You removed your defending PVP army and so aren't able to participate until you assign an army to defend your city for PVP purposes.
  2. Visit city confirmation window

    Ok I can't help you I play on PC only.
  3. Colonial Age Recurring Quests not available

    They didn't show up because you had either storyline or bonus quests that (presumably) you weren't able to cancel nor had you completed them. Once you had completed some of them you got some that you were able to abort and once you aborted them you ended up with recurring quests. Did you think...
  4. Visit city confirmation window

    What was it confirming?
  5. Best units against hover tanks?

    Pretty sure people did explain the 'why' hovers would be good in the various instances provided but to be more specific 8 plasma works well against 8 hover because artillery has a boost against heavies and plasmas can see through stealth (which hovers have) thus why 8 plasma works well against 8...
  6. GVG is crap

    Well part of the concentration on AA would be that it doesn't actually need goods but medals for that map. Given the sheer number of high Arcs out there, I'd expect that some of those guilds can more easily generate the medals to hold large amounts of territory than they could in other ages (or...
  7. Guild Battleground Participation

    That would explain why the buttons weren't green. :)
  8. The inevitable "Which GB next" question.....

    Oh they can see it but they aren't interested in agreeing with your premise that the Arc is overpowered (because you are right anyone who wants to say it isn't but thinks the Arc 80 is pretty much the most important to get for a player means they agree). Not that it matters that ship has sailed...
  9. Colonial Age Recurring Quests not available

    Try the higher units quest guide it might have what you need. Since that thread is all about getting units higher than your current age without leveling up it should contain the information you need to avoid the situation you found yourself in. This is in the guide forum (subforum of general).
  10. Colonial Age Recurring Quests not available

    Go find the play through guide in the forums which will detail what sectors you aren't supposed to have taken. If you have noncancelable quests then you did indeed go to far on the map. That's the only way you end up with no recurring quests. There's lots of threads discussing this matter but...
  11. Colonial Age Recurring Quests not available

    There's various threads that explain how to avoid losing your recurring quests but as I recall it relates to where you've advanced on the map so if you don't have any then you must of advanced to far.
  12. GVG is crap

    If you do away with landing zones that means you can land anywhere. Landing zones is what allows people to be locked out and to keep lines of sectors between unowned sectors (to keep goods down and for being able to lock down a line when someone breaks through). I truly doubt the player who...
  13. GVG is crap

    I presume the 'eliminate' landing zones means that the whole map would be open to be attacked by anyone not already on the map. It would pretty much eliminate positioning on the maps.
  14. Galata Tower is a Waste of FP's and resources.....

    You need to not build anything that has a percentage chance if you aren't going to be happy when it doesn't roll your way. If you don't find it worth it then don't keep it.
  15. Settlement Rewards

    Not everyone plays the same and based on some of the Cities I've seen (assuming they've bothered to do the settlements) some of them could use the coin or supply boost.