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Recent content by Yugi the Tempest

  1. Yugi the Tempest

    Archaeology 2022 Feedback

    Update: Saved up some scrolls for ST, spent 1900 on x5 tool packs. Got 1 daily special. I did get 7 color guards though, so there's that.
  2. Yugi the Tempest

    Archaeology 2022 Feedback

    1200 scrolls, 2 daily specials. Combine this with the event building being AD fodder and the imbalance of tools needed (brushes anyone?), make this event easily the worst in the last couple of years. How this dumpster fire made it through BETA is beyond me.
  3. Yugi the Tempest

    Forge Bowl 2022 Feedback

    At first I thought I would take a hard pass on building the Fiore. But I do have 12 TFs and don't really need the fps, so swapping one of them out for the Fiore will prolly be my move. I suspect that, in the long run, Fiore would closely follow the Athlon Abbey in the "Event buildings that...
  4. Yugi the Tempest

    GVG is crap

    ALL guilds have PC players that can be available at a certain time daily? If you want to argue that GvG is good for the game, at least bring up a salient point. If Inno wants to cling to GvG the same way Boomers cling to flip phones, fine. But giving GvG any weight to guild rankings is mind...
  5. Yugi the Tempest

    Battle result window

    OK, thanks. I knew there was some hub-bub about the "heal all" button, but did not know about the battle result window issue. What's strange is that it happens for a bit, then switches back to normal for a few days, then back to smaller.
  6. Yugi the Tempest

    Battle result window

    For those on PC, do any of you have the occasional issue of the battle result confirmation window being smaller? My god it's annoying as I have no idea why it happens. Here's an explanation: When I click "auto battle", the second wave "auto battle" button is exactly where the first one was so...
  7. Yugi the Tempest

    No color emojis in message center

    I'm not sure how this happened, but on my PC at home, the emojis that are posted in thread titles and/or messages no longer have color, i.e. if someone posts a "thumbs up" emoji, it is just a black and white emoji with no yellow color. My PC at work does not have this issue. Anyone know what...
  8. Yugi the Tempest

    Halloween Event Feedback Thread

    Since my last post, I went through about 4100 in my other world account and picked up 9 HoH. So it appears to be pretty consistent across the board based on posts I've seen here. The RNG is accurate. It appears to be appx. 1 daily per 395 ticket tool kit, which is fair. But with all bell...
  9. Yugi the Tempest

    Halloween Event Feedback Thread

    So I waited until I could speak from experience. Spent 4100 tickets on 11 kits and got 4 daily specials. I ignored everything but additional tools and pumpkins. If I had these results in beta, I would have told every friend, guildie and neighbor to not waste their time on this event as the...
  10. Yugi the Tempest

    PC vs. Mobile

    I only play on PC, and not for GvG. I've tried playing on mobile and did not like it at all, not even a little. I also found that fighting speed is so much faster on PC, with about 1 fight per 2 seconds (without reload), 2.5 seconds if I have to acknowledge a reward pop up. On mobile...
  11. Yugi the Tempest

    Halloween Event Feedback Thread

    As much as I enjoy jousting with RP on silly things like facts, he is right. There is literally no way to test the accuracy of the RNG since it is theoretically based on an infinite trial sample. Of course, there is no way to prove it the contrary either for the same reason. As such, it's a...
  12. Yugi the Tempest

    Feedback for update 1.214

    My goodness, what is with the giant hand symbol in GBG? What was wrong with the completely unobnoxious circle with a line through it? Is the game really being dumbed down to this level? The good news is that field testing showed widespread approval among six year olds. Anyone else find this...
  13. Yugi the Tempest

    I know, but I don't know why.

    Earlier today I was enjoying the thrill and excitement of mo/po and tavern sitting for my newly increased friends list. Nothing says riveting and exciting game play like "click, click, click, click, next page" for the better part of 10 minutes. Easily the most mind numbing chore in any online...
  14. Yugi the Tempest

    US Server down at the moment

    Punctuation is your friend. Fixed it for you. ;)