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Recent content by Zepiii

  1. Contact Support BATTLEGROUND : Lags on Android (Xiaomi Mi 9T) and not on iPhone 6S

    Hello, When I play battleground on my Android phone (Xiaomi Mi 9T); I'm facing huge lags, just to select army, change army, scroll army and this, even if they are no fight on the map. If I go back to guild expedition, it's super smooth. I tried on my old iPhone 6S, and it's smooth in guild...
  2. Attrition : siege camps & traps

    Sorry if offended you, that was not the goal. My mate is really hard to convince and it's a bit weird that we don't have an "official explaination" for this unfortunately :/
  3. Attrition : siege camps & traps

    I'm sorry but I did a lot of researches and the debate is always the same : additive % stacking versus multiplicative %. Plenty of people are asking for official sources but never an official reply was given. Is it possible to get an official statement / description ? Should I open a ticket...
  4. New Issue Siege Camp % not working as advertised.

    If you redo the trial; please give us pictures of the camps on each adjacent sector before you start fighting :) I also believe the % are stacking and addtitive, so 5 camps > 100%, so attri can not be taken.
  5. Attrition : siege camps & traps

    Hello, Is it possible to have an official confirmation by a technical staff member ? Or a link to the system ? Of maybe as a moderator, you are part from the technical staff :) ? Thank you
  6. Attrition : siege camps & traps

    So it's the same than I explain ? Is it possible to have an official confirmation by a technical staff member ? Or a link to the system ? Can you detail please ? Thank you
  7. Attrition : siege camps & traps

    Hello, Could you describe me how the attrition system works exactly ? For example, a sector with 2 traps but with 3 SC. Is my thinking below ok ? 3 SC, this makes "3x 24%" to NOT activate attrition. So 72%. So 28% to activate the attrition ? In these 28%, with 2 traps (2 x 45% = 90%), this...