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Recent content by zerbino il distruttore

  1. Sniping Progress

    Thank you! So it turns out it is obvious and I'm just slow. Fwiw, it was the example that made it clear for me, but so many people don't give examples.
  2. Sniping Progress

    Thanks, I guess I will figure this out someday. The game is supposed to be a paradigm of life, right? Is there a formula for priming? I have figured out the formula for sniping and locking a reward, which was pretty obvious, but I am having trouble envisioning what you are talking about -- and...
  3. FALL EVENT: Progress and Strategies

    Come next Event, I will be camping here prior to. Thanks for the support you provide to the new and stupid. I will not destroy you.
  4. FALL EVENT: Progress and Strategies

    55 minutes until it's over, and I think I have this Event figured out. I finally realized that this League you are all talking about is the Hobby->Trainee thingy in the upper left corner of the food table, and that it is clickable. Who'd a thunk it. Also discovered that I am soooo close to...
  5. FALL EVENT: Progress and Strategies

    Huh! Did not realize you could get benefits w/out the barn. I wish I had realized that at the beginning. I am F2P; obviously playing almost entirely w/out Diamonds modifies/eliminates many strategies. I would have gotten a Lvl3 barn anyway, b/c that just happens, but I would not have had to put...
  6. FALL EVENT: Progress and Strategies

    Thanks, good to know before I go out to a strange new world to try it. So, why would you grind through this in multiple cities? I have enjoyed it, but the thrill is wearing off.
  7. FALL EVENT: Progress and Strategies

    I'm new. What is the advantage to doing it in multiple worlds simultaneously? Can you bring stuff back to your primary city? I'm sure this is a dumb question, but this is my first seasonal event, and I just saw this thread. And here I thought I was doing really well to get to the 54th quest...
  8. Sniping Progress

    So how do you prime (same as pre-load?) your building? That sounds like you are contributing FPs to the reward slots of your own building; how could you do that? Also, all of this is only for the Arc, right?
  9. Sniping Progress

    2 weeks on, and I just noticed the "guild mates and friends" part of your reply, and I feel like such a maroon. I actually get it now, being a co-op kind of Tyrant and President for Life myself. Regards, Zerbino il Distruttore I WILL DESTROY YOU! But not really. Nothing personal. It was my...
  10. Sniping Progress

    On one hand, I agree completely. On the other hand, she wore a glove. (My father used to say that. We never knew what he meant.)
  11. Continent Map Battles in Modern Age Are A Money Grab

    Say what now? I just negotiated control of a sector with HMA military units, and then I sent out scouts. How do I know which sectors not to scout? And what will happen if I scout (or take control of?) the wrong sector?
  12. Sniping Progress

    :D Ha! You have given me an explanation that I can understand. It's mutual chicanery, rather than the predatory sort. Of course, IRL, it would still be akin to two people saying "Let's embezzle from each other, that way nobody gets hurt!" So don't try this at home, kids, or you will find...
  13. Continent Map Battles in Modern Age Are A Money Grab

    Yes, I get the game devs' intent. And that was the way I was playing until I noticed that many of my high-level neighbors were still in the Iron Age. At first I thought they had just found a way to keep their Town Halls (which, IMO, are the nicest-looking ones,) but then I realized they had just...
  14. Continent Map Battles in Modern Age Are A Money Grab

    ?? Newbie here. I'm in EMA ( b/c of a late-night miss-click,) and I have nothing from any later era. I can only advance on the Continent Map by negotiating, b/c the existing rulers' units are from HMA and LMA. Do those not count as above my age? Negotiating is fine, btw, but I think I can see...