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Recent content by zetto

  1. Maze competition

    one of many solutions posted
  2. Unformatted make visible the battle counter while fighting or negotiating in Guild Battlegrounds

    When participating in guild battle grounds, I often have to battle manually. Stronger guild members autobattle and can complete many more battles than I can. Because it may take a minute for me and because, within a minute, 40 battles may have been won by auto battles, there have been 3...
  3. Challenge 3

    1 – D Notre Dame - This High Middle Age’s GB boosts happiness and produces supplies. 2 – B Royal Albert Hall - This GB provides a quantity of goods for the Guild’s Treasury every 24 hours. 3 – E The Arc - This GB’s atmosphere and reputation continue to attract the finest minds on the planet. 4 –...
  4. Challenge 1

    1 Winter Event 2 Forge Bowl Event 3 Fall Event 4 Archeology Event 5 Spring Event 6 Summer Event 7 St Patrick Event 8 Halloween Event
  5. Challenge 1

    a 9 b 3 c 4