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  1. KitKit035

    Forge For Beginners Recruiting

    Forge For Beginners (FFB) is recruiting new game players or players that need help understanding the game and growing their city. Need a place to grow your city while learning about the game? Then come join FFB Today. Message me in game if you have any questions or would like to join.
  2. KitKit035

    [Question] What's Left???

    After the forum mod Stephen Longshanks closed the recent Proposal thread on ground it was in the "Do Not Post List" of making game easier, I went and checked it out. I have never posted in this section (don't think) but I have replied to several. My question is 2 fold: How many have you ever...
  3. KitKit035

    [Question] What happened to "Switch Worlds" option??

    Playing on the app. When the settings menu got the nice new look, we also had a nice easy way to switch between worlds. Today I no longer have that option in my settings menu. I have to log out and then log back in to change worlds. What happened and does anyone else have this issue? (App...
  4. KitKit035

    New Beginnings

    Guild of Wisdom has opened a sister guild on Birka. Open to new players who want to learn the game. GoW is here to help you learn the game so you can build your city and be successful in this game. You will also learn how to do the Guild Expeditions and what is means to be apart of a guild...
  5. KitKit035

    Looking for A Guild? Look No Further!

    Looking for players to join us and become apart of our team. Experience level does not matter. We are competitive in GE each week and do require all members to play each week. We have the standard swap threads, plus a 1.9 thread, and other programs. As a members you will have automatic...
  6. KitKit035

    Message Center

    Worlds: us25 and beta Version: Android Mobile 1.142.4 Description: After installing the latest update today on Android Tablet, the message center is off. When I go to type a message only one line is visible and I can not scroll the area up to view more. When I go to create a message, the...
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  8. KitKit035

    Guild of Wisdom is Recruiting

    Guild of Wisdom will be a place for new and old members alike. New members will have a chance to learn the game in a relaxing fun guild, while old members can come and share their knowledge of the game. Activity is a must and as we grow, GE play will become just as important. Open joining so...
  9. KitKit035

    Neighborhood Rotation

    I am trying to understand when the neighborhood rotation takes place. I was originally told that it was every 2 wks and for the most part that was right. I do know any events that involve the neighborhood will delay the change, such as the recent carnival. However since the football event I...
  10. KitKit035

    The Guild of Wisdom Recuiting

    Guild of Wisdom is looking for members to join. New to Vet members are welcome to join. Message KitKit035, Divina the Diva, Senra619, or Quietus 199 the Wise to join.