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  1. Halloween Event 2019 Progress

    I am getting an overload of the graveyard upgrade book; I've already got 4 in a row. The problem with this have to buy 5FPs everytime you go through it. I'm more likely just to let them sit there for this event.
  2. Plunder progress

    I'm so tempted to start a 'Sniping Progress' thread where we can share all the crymail with sniping. There that's my sarcasm font.
  3. Plunder progress

    I was being sarcastic with that comment. But I definitely do plan to share any mail I receive from sniping on here.
  4. Halloween Event 2019 Progress

    Found the last book I needed for the librarian reward. I still have some candy saved up and might try to get a dark doorway later.
  5. Halloween Event 2019 Feedback

    Well the nice thing with the books is as long as you don't care about owning every single avatar in the game, the librarian reward is not needed to get a fully upgraded Abandoned Asylum if you carefully plan how to use your resources. It's a nice feature for those who are lucky that have...
  6. A 1.85 Deal Reserved for me

    I got crymail from a player I sniped which had 664 FPs. I ended up giving him an additional 2 FPs just because...
  7. Plunder progress

    I'm so tempted to start a 'Sniping Progress' thread where we can share all the crymail with sniping.
  8. Antiques Dealer feedback

    I think I am convinced now the gemstone range is uniform on the displayed range when selling multiple items. So if you sell 4 rogue hideouts at once for 1 day, you are more likely to get the absolute minimum or absolute maximum of gemstones than selling them individually. Selling them...
  9. Fall Event 2019 Feedback

    Overall a very nice event and I absolutely love the cottages. I have a nice Fall Square in the middle of my city from all the goodies I won this event :D
  10. Fall Event 2019 Feedback

    Took over 50 ingredients to get a rogue hideout shrink kit. The really sad thing is I'm going for the chocolate cinnamon rolls as I also could use the store building to sell some stuff in my city. 6 yielded complete trash (2 self aids/ 2 boost crates/ 2 mass self aids) and got the shrink kit on...
  11. The Virgo Project

    Simple. City defense is an element to this game; the Virgo Project completely destroys that element if you include PvP so I praise Inno for looking out for these issues. And I'm not sure why you think players that invest in city defense are not serious about the game. There are players that...
  12. Antiques Dealer feedback

    It doesn't change anything but it is still nice to know what the actual odds are. With the events you can see the displayed probabilities so you can actually get an idea of what to expect when you go for the daily prizes. Not knowing whether a particular outcome can be 1/36 or 1/8 like the...
  13. census

    I'm going to sell my Lv5 Inno Tower once I get another max upgraded cider mill. I have 15k pop right now and it appears that several of the events now are significantly increasing the total population.
  14. Antiques Dealer feedback

    It's basically whether or not the range of the gemstones are uniform or gaussian. Initially, I too believed the range of gemstones followed a discrete gaussian distribution where middle values were far more likely than extremes. However, I have also noticed I've been getting a lot of extreme...
  15. Antiques Dealer feedback

    1 Day Another thing I'm curious about is how the coding works when you sell multiple buildings with gemstones. For example: Item #1: 2-4 Item #2: 2-4 Item #3: 2-5 all at 1 Day Range: 6-13 Assuming each outcome is equally likely: Scenario #1: Odds of getting 6 = (1/3)*(1/3)*(1/4) = 1/36...
  16. Plunder progress

    I couldn't have said it better. I also value the PvP aspect of this game and am planning to create an extremely strong defense. All the space I use for defense instead of FPs doesn't bother me because I can also get the FPs from sniping a random player in a matter of minutes. "It's not about...
  17. Antiques Dealer feedback

    Another 6-13 range...another bare minimum 6...jeez If I may add, this is happening every other day for almost 2 weeks now :rolleyes:
  18. Antiques Dealer feedback

    Ugh don't even remind me about gemstones right now. I have gotten the bare minimum almost every day the last week even when there was a range of at least 6.
  19. Fall Event 2019 Feedback

    I got 6 mill of fall upgrade kits with exactly 100 ingredients spent (16.7 ingredients per Daily Prize) and was able to get a Colorful Mill. Not bad considering my initial guess was about 15 ingredients per daily. Also, it appears on average one of every 10 incidents will yield an ingredient...
  20. Fall Event 2019 Feedback

    It is equal percentage for each ingredient. We have only had the event for 7 days so it is more than likely not going to follow a uniform distribution with that small of a sample (4 of my 6 DCs have been caramel). If you are running out of ingredients, then you need to prioritize what you have...