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  1. New Message Center Feedback

    Can’t believe they didn’t bother to fix the broken sentences that carry half the word to the next line. That has been going on so long and is so annoying especially when trying to explain something to a new guildie. Numbers and words get cut off and end up on the next line. They went through all...
  2. GBG Signals to be More Noticable

    We are the red group I suppose.
  3. GBG Signals to be More Noticable

    Ahh yeah. We have no red with us this time. i just looked at what colors we had for my previous reply so that wouldn’t work.
  4. GBG Signals to be More Noticable

    Either way, grey or white they are too similar. I’d be for making the marker more well defined like red.
  5. New Idea Eliminate incidents in the road

    thanks for this info. If they don’t follow through with the idea suggeste, at least I know I have this option. There’s no telling how much event currency, goods, etc that I’ve missed out on because of it being hidden behind other buildings. I will start doing what you mentioned.
  6. Forwarded Show specifically which goods are still needed for gather goods quests

    We We have a circle trade thread but as a said most players in the guild are below VF so I was relying on neighborhood market, wasting FP and the wrong type of goods. If I wasn’t a diamond quest I would’ve aborted it. I did not know it had been suggested before. Thank you.
  7. Forwarded Show specifically which goods are still needed for gather goods quests

    No, when I click on it. It shows remaining total amount #. Nothing specific.
  8. Forwarded Show specifically which goods are still needed for gather goods quests

    Idea: Some quests require you to gather X amount of goods from your age. If you fall short of completing the quest while collecting, you have no idea which goods you still need to trade for to complete the quest. Suggest making some sort of added graphics to the quest box so that there is a way...
  9. Anybody else see this on mobile?

    Yep I see it on mine now too. Zooming in and out makes it come and go.
  10. Story quest

    Thanks for the replies. That will help me decide what to do.
  11. Story quest

    I’m ready to move into the next age. I have about 20 story quests left of the list according to wiki from my current age. If I move up will I still be required to complete the story quests from the previous age or will they auto complete so that I will start on the story quests of my new age? If...
  12. Confirmed Settlement boat

    This was working correctly for me today on ipad. Red exclamation over the boat. Also the boat took me to the settlement, not a message about accessing the spaceport.
  13. Unformatted New Guild Member Notification

    Seems reasonable to me, I wouldn’t mind the added notification. I usually give a welcome in the thread so that others know someone has joined. Some players have a standing invite so they pop in when they want and others may not know when they have joined unless they say something. It does...
  14. Confirmed Settlement boat

    The building along the shoreline will take you to the settlement. Not sure why the boat doesn’t like it used to but that wasn’t what I was referring to. I see no red exclamation point on the building, boat or anything else when my settlement collections are ready.
  15. Confirmed Settlement boat

    I would like to see something done about this also. I don’t know when my collections are ready. I assume this was not intentional. Should a support ticket be sent?
  16. Checkbox in Group Settings to “remove exiting guild members”

    I really hope that whatever new messaging system they are working on fixes the broken text that has been going on for what seems like over a year now. It’s very annoying that it breaks words at the end of one line and puts the other half of the word on the next line.
  17. Past age troops

    In my experience auto correct generally changes it to an actual word, not one that doesn’t exist. So yeah yours must be really weird.
  18. Past age troops

    Did your “brother” teach you how to spell Iron? I noticed he had the same mistake on his Jul 5th post concerning Best Units. See #2 on the previous post and @WinnerGR Jul 5th post. I know the alt account has already been suspected, seems even more reason for me to believe that now.
  19. Need more friends

    I recently had to redo my friends list to get below 80 to add someone for a goods purchase. I am now coming up short on my buildings being aided and have to use self motivation kits about everyday. If you are active and want to add me, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Lj5095