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  1. New rewards from Antiques Dealer - feedback

    Problem is new folks don't have enough items to sell to the AD. We should really fix ToR output and GE rewards to help with the junk! More Junk please!
  2. Forge Bowl 2020

    I understand defense is new and might be useful too but Fps for the building are quite underwhelming. I hope Inno can start proving atleast 10 FPS per buildings going forward and fix this one as well.
  3. Olympic treasury - underwhelming fps return

    Hi All, 8 fps from Olympic treasury seem so underwhelming! For main event buildings, 10 fps should be least amount of reward offered in 2020. It surely puts off in getting a second one. What do you guys think? Thanks
  4. GB timers on iPad and iPhone!

    Hi guys, It’s really odd and sometimes frustrating that we cannot see GB timers when we tap on the GB. A place in town hall along with other boosts can be amazing! Thanks
  5. [Guide] Comparison of break-even time for all FP-producing GBs

    Thanks for the awesome info. Can we add HC in the mix as well please? Thanks
  6. [Answered] Soccer event: How often is league adjusted?

    Hi, Can someone tell how often the new leagues are adjusted? Is it once a day or just random? If I go to sleep couple of hours before the league ends(Time zones), will my place be guaranteed in the league on the same day? thanks
  7. Space Age Mars

    New GBs are kinda lame....
  8. Upcoming Changes to Diamond Packages Feedback

    This really really sounds BACKWARDS!! Inno should be expanding the game. Then we wont have to keep skimming the existing spenders.