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  1. Already Suggested Move sets of buildings together in your city

    Idea: Add the ability to move groups of buildings in your city at the same time. Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested? I couldn't find this as an idea already suggested or in the do not...
  2. BG seems to target specific goods?

    Here are the exact totals in the treasury for post modern: 132 genome data, 57,929 industrial filters, 57,488 renewable resources, 57,009 semiconductors, 56,808 steel That looks random? It looks to me like everything used to be roughly equal, but genome data was hit a lot more than the...
  3. BG seems to target specific goods?

    Buying buildings in the battlegrounds seems to keep leaning on specific goods. Postmodern era, my guild treasury is down to 100 genome data but still has 57,000 of the other 4 goods (almost exactly, as though all the goods from that era were added with arcs at the same rate, but only one good...
  4. Trade blueprints in at the antiques dealer

    Proposal Allow blueprint sets to be an item that is able to be traded at the antiques dealer. Current System (if applicable) No current system. Some people have hundreds of blueprints for buildings that they aren't leveling anymore or don't want to build at all. Surely these blueprint sets...
  5. Siege Tower vs Traps in BG?

    What happens when a siege tower and a trap both hit at the same time? It seems like you'd get double the attrition from the trap, but that attrition is zero from the siege tower, so you just get 0*2 for zero attrition. Is that how it works?
  6. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    Then allow me to rephrase and omit percentage. If 34 members of an 80 member guild try their hardest, then they will beat a guild that has 33 members total, no matter what that guild does. The fact that more than half of the guild could take a vacation and still win means that it's not a...
  7. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    Salary is not relevant when choosing a new job, other than the fact that a higher salary may make it easier to pay your bills. The second half of your sentence illustrates why the first half of your sentence is problematic. Clearly the more members that you have participating, the better your...
  8. Contest day 6

  9. Contest day 3

    The Wicked Witch
  10. Contest day 1

    1. The smoke is missing 2. The top of the light post is missing 3. The spire on the building is missing 4. A missing person 5. A small golden flag (I think that's a flag or a banner?) is missing 6. The top of the tower is missing 7. A missing person
  11. Raging Ravens is Recruiting - Fair Trade Guild / Expeditions

    Looking to add active players to our new guild, "Raging Ravens". If you are currently in a guild that has 80 players, but it seems like only 20 of them are ever doing anything, maybe it's time for a change? :) We plan to participate in the new guild expeditions, and unlock the harder...
  12. Are there Easter daily specials until April 4?

    Complaints no matter what happens.. That sounds like experience talking! I'm going with this answer. :)
  13. Are there Easter daily specials until April 4?

    The wiki shows that we'll stop getting quests on April 1, but there are spots for daily specials until April 4. Is that common? This is my first Easter quest, and I could see them giving you a few extra days to make sure everyone uses all...