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  1. Guild applications after max members

    Our guild is set to accept applications from players who would like to join. What happens when we reach our 80 member maximum? Can players till submit applications which stay as applications until we free up space to accept them? Or does the guild not show up as a choice for the player who is...
  2. The Trade Federation looking for active players

    The Trade Federation Looking For New Members The Trade Federation (old name: Dawn Traders Guild) Looking For New Members Why should you join a guild? So you can advance faster. Trading in-guild does not cost Forge Points and you will get fair trades. Guild mates have experience and can offer...
  3. [Question] Level up GB for free in my Inventory?

    I noticed a Level Up a GB for Free in my inventory? I don't remember earning this so does anyone have an idea of how this was obtained? A few of my guild mates also have this in their inventory and it seems to be for one of the GBs that they have already built. None of us know where it came from.