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  1. Fixed Computer players log in issues

    im on the game now
  2. Server down AGAIN! refer to this thread
  3. Unable to Log-in refer to this link
  4. Unable to Log-in refer to this link
  5. Fixed Computer players log in issues

    can we have a time frame of when the fix is expected to come out
  6. Unable to Log-in

    ikr i came on to collect my buildings and i cant login to the game at all way to go innogames
  7. CHANGELOG 1.110

    yes we are on part 3 of Oceanic Future currently

    they change things for the better i like the new quest overview tbh
  9. Incident Feedback

    lol this comment is to funny
  10. CHANGELOG 1.109

    the update is live it takes bout a day to get the update to mobile users
  11. Foe Very Very Very Very Slow and Laggy on US servers

    html5 is faster then flash is what i hear as all browsers are moving away from plugins to speed them up
  12. Incident Feedback

    I was wondering about the people who didn't have their animations on, if they would still be able to see the incidents. Now i know the answer thanks for clarifying that.
  13. Incident Feedback

    i liked your response to that statement
  14. Not A Bug Tavern grammar errors

    lol i think the grammar is correct in friend's tavern if you ask me
  15. Incident Feedback

    i bet everyone's doing that
  16. Not A Bug FoE freezing since last update

    i use chrome and i never had any issues all of you are saying that happens to chrome users. plus i'm using chrome 64 bit, which is there fastest browser.
  17. Incident Feedback

    Nope not how it should work. it should be for the testers and then balance the incidents out before it gets fully released to everyone. but i also see where your coming from too
  18. Incident Feedback

    technically no its not fair, but to innogames it's fair. i don't know why they think that.
  19. Incident Feedback

    exactly there's the proof that i'm talking about
  20. Incident Feedback

    yes it does reread it