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  1. Glaun

    If I jump to IndA can I still win PE troops from GE and GvG

    Question re advanced age troops. I am in CA age but have just completed the IA industrial continent. I have discovered the PE continent and conquered one sector (tower). During the time I have been in CA, I have won as rewards from GE and GvG one each of IA troop. No barrack was necessary. They...
  2. Glaun

    Add Spell Checker

    Proposal Add a Spell Checker to message center text boxes Current System (if applicable) None Details Unlike this thread, the message center has no spell checker. Abuse Prevention N/A Visual Aids N/A Conclusion Being the lousy speller I am, a spell checker would make me look smarter than I am.
  3. Glaun

    sale of fighters of previous ages

    Proposal: Sell Army Packages with the option to choose packages of previous ages Current System: Purchase of Army Packages is limited to current age content. Details: Allow purchasers to choose a prior age for the Army package rather than offer only the current age package. Abuse Prevention...