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  1. bomber9530

    Message Thread Jumping

    I tried searching for it, but I couldn't find anything, so maybe one of you more active members can tell me if it's been mentioned before. However, when reading messages in threads if a new message is posted, the thread jumps to the bottom and then you have to scroll back up to the top in order...
  2. bomber9530

    Colosseum Challenge

    My guild and I have a running joke about Colosseums and we were wondering about the highest level colosseum in the game. I tried looking on ForgeStats but couldn't find one, so I'm issuing a challenge to everyone to help me find the highest level Colosseum in the game. (Player name and world...
  3. bomber9530

    [Answered] Enable confirmation box for cancelled productions?

    Can anyone help me enable the confirmation box for cancelling productions? I contacted support but I can't find the option they are talking about. Maybe one of you will understand? If someone could help me either step by step or with screenshots, that would be helpful.
  4. bomber9530

    Reno Kits and Store Buildings

    This may have been asked before, but I couldn't find it... If you upgrade a building then use a store building on it, does it store the upgraded building or the original? For example, I have a Progressive Era Champ Retreat in my inventory. If I place it and use a Reno Kit on it to make it a...
  5. bomber9530

    FP Bar Timer Reset

    I was buying Forge Points today and when I bought the 10th Forge Point, the timer reset. I closed out and restarted and the timer was still at the reset time. I have heard from other players that they have experienced a similar issue with the timer resetting.
  6. bomber9530

    Ability to Store Monastary

    Proposal Allow players to store the Monastary by using a Store Building Consumable. Current System (if applicable) Currently you can store Special Event buildings and other Special Buildings. But as I was recently told by Support Staff, the Monastary is excluded because it is from the map and...
  7. bomber9530

    Store Monastary

    Not sure if this is a bug or if it was done on pupose, but the Monastary can not be stored using the store building. Seeings how the Monastary is a special building that you can only get once during the game and can not be gotten again if sold, it should be able to be stored using the store...
  8. bomber9530

    Show Inventory Items in Build Menu

    Proposal When in the build menu, show the number of a certain type of building we have in our inventory, and then allow us to access and use those buildings from the build menu. Current System (if applicable) Currently you can't see what buildings you have in your inventory from the build...
  9. bomber9530

    City Shield

    If I purchase the city shield from the Tavern AFTER someone has attacked me but BEFORE they've plundered me, can they still come back and plunder me once the shield is up?
  10. bomber9530

    The Impossible Battle

    I spent the last 2 days trying to get past this encounter in this weeks Guild Expedition. I have a 120% Attack and 90% Defense boost going against an enemy with only 75% Attack and Defense boost. I tried several different troop combinations and even tried negotiating several times. I lost every...
  11. bomber9530

    [Question] Spoiler?

    I use the FoEManager City Planner online app and they had an update and have a bunch of new buildings that I haven't heard of and can't seem to find any information on. Thought maybe some of you other experienced players may know where else to look. I have tried the (unofficial) Wikia and the...
  12. bomber9530

    Level 12 ND and FoD GB Stats

    Trying to figure out the stats for a Level 12 Notre Dame and a Level 12 FoD. Want to know the 2 boosts, and also how many FPs it takes to reach the next level.
  13. bomber9530

    Winter Event Questline

    Questline according to the unofficial wiki: December 1: "Build 2 decorations from your current age or 3 from the previous age" - Reward: 11 Stars December 2: "Motivate or polish 20 buildings" and "Spend 12 Forge Points" - Reward: 11 Stars December 3: "Pay 2,500 coins" and "Spend 13 Forge...
  14. bomber9530

    GvG Tiles Blacked Out

    Looking at GvG map and there are some tiles that are blacked out and not able to be interacted with. Why would this be?
  15. bomber9530

    How many FPs can I buy? (need someone good at math)

    In determining how much X amount of Forge Points will cost in terms of coins (Y), use the formula: Y = X(initial amount to purchase)+50(X(X-1)/2) For example. I need 23 Forge Points to finish researching a technology. My starting cost is 3000 coins. Y = X(3000)+50(X(X-1)/2) Y =...
  16. bomber9530

    Incorrect Level Number When Upgrading GBs Past Level 10

    When upgrading my GB's past level 10, the Upgrade button displayed the wrong number. For example, my GB would be level 12 but it would say "Upgrade to level 14" but then when I clicked on it, it upgraded to level 13, and the upgrade button changed to "Upgrade to level 15", etc.
  17. bomber9530

    (Spoiler) Halloween Questline

    Got the list below from the Forge of Empires Wiki (unofficial). All rewards are random unless otherwise specified.
  18. bomber9530

    Traz Production Ratios?

    Does anyone know how the Alcatraz is set up to produce troops? A guildmate and I disagree on how the "randomization" is structured. I say that it works based on the number and type of buildings you have in your city. For example, If I have 2 rogues, 1 champ retreat, and 1 Jaeger Encampment...
  19. bomber9530

    Server Down?

    I have tried to log in to both Browser AND Mobile and both are not connecting. I even tried to go to the EN server, and it too said that the server could not be reached.
  20. bomber9530

    Happiness Not Awarded For Quest

    Already sent this message to support but thought I'd post here incase another player has experienced something similar: I had a quest to gain 1200 happiness from either a cultural building or decoration. I built a couple decorations for the event and that contributed to my happiness gained, so...