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  1. Ylisaveta

    Possible GE 5 Structure

    How about letting us do the whole GE again.....:cool:
  2. Ylisaveta

    [Answered] Happiness?

    Yes. If your citizens are enthusiastic, you'll see a 20% bonus in battle points. On pc, it shows up on the battle result screen in the upper right hand corner,
  3. Ylisaveta

    Happiness overview doesn't add up

    Provided happiness = total happiness Demand for happiness = 100% happiness to make your citizens content You have to have 140% happiness to make your citizens enthusiastic and achieve 120% productivity. You have more than that, so you have additional happiness.
  4. Ylisaveta

    AI unfair to defenders

    I have to say that the group of teens we have active on the forum currently have impressed me overall as intelligent, well intentioned, and having a pretty good sense of humor. Sometimes silly, but overall not really annoying. Some of this cannot be said of a few of the purported adults who...
  5. Ylisaveta

    [Answered] Shrine of inspiration

    Since they are self levellers, a person with a high level Arc can pick up some fp rewards at a bargain.
  6. Ylisaveta

    Closing Announcement Thread

    +1 Yes, please give us the option to remove Inno messages after we've read them.
  7. Ylisaveta

    Changelog 1.153 Feedback

    Cultural settlement exclamation point is a terrible addition. Annoying and unnecessary.
  8. Ylisaveta

    [Question] How do we designate a new guild leader when all the leaders have left the guild

    Did these people actually leave the guild or just stop playing? If they have all actually left, someone has been designated founder. If there was a leader left, that person would automatically become founder. If no leader, the highest ranked person who is active has become founder. Do you...
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    Question contest

    CE Arvahall
  10. Ylisaveta

    October contest

    fight Arvahall
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    Want a chance at some Doubloons????

    Arvahall ship upgrade
  12. Ylisaveta

    August Never Ending Contest

    5995 Arvahall
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    August Contest

    Black Tower
  14. Ylisaveta

    Diamond expansions Not updated with VF info yet.
  15. Ylisaveta

    July Haiku contest

    Slow complexity Move forward by staying put I love AA cars Arvahall
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    July Neverending Contest

    5499 Arvahall