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  1. Challenge 1

    A=9 B=3 C=4
  2. [Question] GE Tougher?

    Gracias, Super Catanian. Been playing this game for years, and I know how GE works. Personally, I don't see much of a problem as I generally fight above my age. However, other people in my guild, some with multiple years of experience are saying the same thing. One is in the Mars age (and has...
  3. [Question] GE Tougher?

    Is it just me, or has fighting in GE gotten tougher? I don't have any hard data other than numerous complaints from my guild mates.
  4. Not A Bug Viking settlement questline

    Let me know if it completes once you get the res of your goods. I have gotten another 10 of each good since I last posted (as well as another 4-500 copper) and it is still hung there, and the numbers are still the same. EDIT: You are probably right, Razor. I went back and checked, and while...
  5. Not A Bug Viking settlement questline

    I have the same problem, Wiz. I've missed the first deadline, and coming up on the second. I am stuck at 2530/2540, and I've added over 200 copper coins and 20 of each good with no effect.
  6. Archaeology Event Progress

    Has anyone know if there is a list of the quests for this event?
  7. Contest day 3

    The wicked witch has the correct path.
  8. GvG users Guide

    Dido, you are correct that mobile apps for FoE do not have a GvG option. However...there are a couple of mobile apps for web browsers that will allow you to open FoE like it was on a computer, and get to GvG that way. Puffin is one I have used. It tends to be slow and clunky on my IPad, but...
  9. Share the Love, Everyone wins

    Rugnir, and thanks!
  10. Incident Feedback

    Weird. My wife and I both play the game, her on a Mac, me on a PC. She averages 10 incidents a day, while I have seen nada. Is this a "bug" or a "feature", and is it confined to just PC users, or just those that do not play through Facebook (She does, I don't)? BTW, we both play in 2 of the...
  11. Christmas in July Give away

    A new garage An Ocean going yacht A minimum of one week with total peace on Earth