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  1. Slow load

    ty, Razorback for responding. Will keep an eye on it for a couple days and see. Anyone else that experiences this, please also join in . ty
  2. Slow load

    Unfortunately, getting lag now playing FoE on Bravo. Game loading fine. Lag is in-game only.. while aiding, loading some in-game screens, and noticed the cursor sometimes disappears. This stuff just started late yesterday. Been working great since I installed it last Oct. 2019. Anyone else...
  3. Slow load

    downloaded Brave and using html again. Working/ loading fine so far.
  4. Slow load

    ty all for your input. Think i will try loading Brave and see how that works. Getting late here, will try tomorrow. Will keep posted
  5. Slow load

    turned off html, had to install adobe flash... game loading fine now.. Thought I heard that adobe flash was being fased out soon, anyway … Does anyone know ?? ty
  6. Slow load

    once it stops loading at the 86% (sometimes 85 or 87), I used to wait 30-60 seconds before refreshing. But once it became obvious that it was going to freeze at that spot, I only wait 5-10 seconds. btw, it is getting worse.. recent login took 8 refreshes of page. Using the HTML5 version. Going...
  7. Slow load

    I have been using firefox browser to play FOE for about 7 months now. Load issue just started yesterday. The login page loads fine. After world is selected, the load process stops (always when the 'loading' bar is on screen and at 86%). This occurs about 75% of the time I try to load game. I...
  8. Quest question

    Hi Clara. vgar posted about 'Father' quest, and I responded to that player (above in post # 9 - the first line). ty for your help.
  9. Quest question

    Yes, from a perspective it does scream entitlement. I did not mean it that way at all. ty to all for your input and help.
  10. Quest question

    vgar, ty. You are correct about 'Father' quest. It is an earlier era quest, have that in the bank now. Clara Osgood, I remember having the option to skip some quests much earlier in my play of this game. I do remember skipping a couple of them, I just do not know what type of quests they were...
  11. Quest question

    Interesting points, 22prentwil. What is interesting is why there was such an increase in 'Complete other quests'. When Daily quests started, I would get that task maybe once every 2-3 weeks. So, since it was increased by game programmers, it can be decreased/removed. I will now add this question...
  12. Quest question

    I am in the Colonial Era. I do not want to leave this Era at this time. I enjoy completing the Daily quests, and have done so every day since they started (Except one day when I was busy irl). Over the last 4-5 months, I have had an increase in 'Complete X amount of other quests' as a...
  13. Contest day 7

    I have only played foe for 18 months, so my exposure to game/community is limited. 'Favorite memory' - I will say mine is the general helpfulness and pleasant atmosphere of my guildmates.
  14. Contest day 6

    the answer is 36.
  15. Contest day 5

    The question is very misleading... But.. According to your own wiki page: , all bonuses given by great buildings are listed as 'skills'. So, all Oceanic Future Great Buildings have 2 'skills'. Todays' question: 'What was the...
  16. Contest day 4

    Here is link:
  17. Contest day 3

    The wicked witch
  18. Contest day 1

  19. Daily challenge bug

    Should have included this in my initial report. I am on Mic edge flash, not html. Not sure if it matters though. How about the other players that had this problem, .. what are you on ? ty
  20. Daily challenge bug

    Last night was Daylight Savings (DS) here in the USA. My daily challenge counter was counting down (after DS occurred). Instead of it counting down to be ready 24 hours after yesterday - which would make it ready 1 hour later than yesterdays' time (due to DS) - it was counting down to be ready...