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  1. ITown

    Space Age Asteroid Belt Feedback

    Just revisiting this thread, a week later... Having now played around with all of the units, I can now say unequivocally that the SAAB units are a complete disaster. 1. The heavy unit (shredder) is so terrible that you can kill 8 of them on level 4 GE using 8 ranged units (nail storms)...
  2. ITown

    Space Age Asteroid Belt Feedback

    I'm also underwhelmed by the SAAB units. The only thing I can think of is that they are trying to make them challenging in GBG. I imagine if they have 1000% boost they will still be difficult to beat. Don't think that's much of a mitigation for the disaster that is this age's new units. I feel...
  3. ITown

    Guild Battlegrounds Feedback

    I love the new concept of Guild Battlegrounds. It solves several issues I have with GvG: - GvG requires one's life revolve around the recalc timer, which is quite bad for people like myself who are on the west coast. - GvG is very boring and prone to becoming stale due to not ever getting reset...
  4. ITown

    Contest day 6

  5. ITown

    Contest day 1

    Not sure if I missed something, but here goes!
  6. ITown

    Virtual Future III

    I'm really disppointed in inno's decision to produce a completely useless fast unit. No stealth, no flying, no ability to even hit the artillery before getting blasted to bits by them. Why does inno pretend that fast units counter artillery when they have no mechanics to do so?
  7. ITown

    Summer Event 2018 Feedback

    Not sure what the 3 ship forms give but the other prizes look useless
  8. ITown

    Bored of FOE

    Not really. Both suffer from the same issue. The stories suck. The early maps aren't repetitive like that. Some battles are literally identical within the same province. No, that's a GB that individuals build, that can benefit the guild. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about a...
  9. ITown

    Bored of FOE

    I apologize for the delay in responding. I quit playing for about 2-3 months. - Remove historical quests - nobody reads the story anyway because it's not presented in an interesting way - Make the story questline more interesting (it used to be fun to read, not any more). - Make the battles on...
  10. ITown

    Bored of FOE

    I've been playing on and off since 2012 and lately the game has lost its ability to feel fresh and interesting. New ages/eras used to come out every 5 months. Part one of Oceanic came out more than 13 months ago from today. And still no sign of the new era even on beta. On top of that, GE is...
  11. ITown

    The Arc Has Ruined the Game

    Arc kept me from quitting the game in 2016. There was nothing interesting to do in this game once you reached the end of tech, prior to the Arc. (Unless you get off on rapidly clicking autobattle on the gvg map).
  12. ITown

    Oceanic Future - Part 6 Feedback

    Of all the examples to pick, you somehow found some of the worst counterexamples. Why not just compare Seed Vault to St Basils? That GB only increases by 120% from 10 to 80.
  13. ITown

    Why is this a thing? (Crew Upgrades)

    I wasn't aware that OF goods were considered worthless. I think that bug was fixed with Kraken.
  14. ITown

    Blue Galaxy

    Galaxy GB is not only FP producing. On palaces, it also produces goods. If you have a level 52 BG and can collect 12 palaces, that is ~7 palaces daily that will be doubled. In other words, 35 refined goods + 35 FP. The only other GBs that give refined goods are DT (luck-based unless you aid...
  15. ITown

    Why is this a thing? (Crew Upgrades)

  16. ITown

    Oceanic Future - Part 6 Feedback

    At 7x5, it's larger than a terrace farm, but will only give, on average, 1 terrace farm of production, until level 9. Only at that point does it seem noticeably better than terrace farms. Not a GB I'm wowed by, but I will probably build it because I've run out of worthwhile things to do in my city
  17. ITown

    Daily Challenges Feedback

    I guess I will be the voice of dissent here: What is remotely challenging about these daily quests? It's just a quest that requires logging in more times daily. That's not a challenge. That's just creating an extra reward for logging in a ton. If inno wants to make the daily "challenges"...
  18. ITown

    Disturbing revelation about the Event

    You're having more luck than me. I've spent ~200 stars to win absolutely nothing
  19. ITown

    Disturbing revelation about the Event

    I'm sure you realize that you're stating the obvious... so what's your point? Does that somehow negate my criticism?
  20. ITown

    Disturbing revelation about the Event

    This event is totally lame, as usual. Normally lame because there are no prizes worth winning. This year, it's lame because you need to win a ridiculously large number of prizes for it to be worth winning any. I'm not even bothering with the quests this year. I stopped at the 20x 5min...