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  1. Update to 1.183 Feedback

    the beta players ALREADY TOLD inno that moving the tavern and the antiques dealer was a bad idea as was stopping the tavern at industrial age. they also ALREADY TOLD inno the harbor was too crowded and a bad idea and inno's response was to stick their fingers in their ears and sing really loud...
  2. Research tech tree feedback

    the tech tree change looks cheap, tawdry. and cartoonish. too big for the page and hard to read. i agree with tstar99, just put it back and leave it alone.
  3. Changelog 1.124 Feedback

    I think getting rid of Treasure Hunt is a mistake. I play Treasure Hunt every day, whereas I often skip the Daily Challenge. The DC prizes quite often are either something i'm not interested in or once I open the chest I find I can't complete the challenge in the time allotted.
  4. Are you a trader, not a fighter?

    yeah...I realized that after I hit send :P
  5. Are you a trader, not a fighter?

    how do I join Trademasters Guild? I tried to message you, but seemed to get a different Scamius the Wicked. The Guild name was, I think, Wicked Guild.