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  1. Elaine Trapp

    Great Buildings

    Does anyone have the Temple of Relics, Observatory, Saint Mark's Bastille, Cathedral of Alexander, Capital, Arc, or Traz? If you do please message me.
  2. Elaine Trapp

    Opening Levels in GE

    Which trading goods and how much of each does a person need to open each level?
  3. Elaine Trapp

    Heralds of Valdemar

    I just created Heralds of Valdemar. Only fair trades allowed, have to do at least 8 expeditions, and help each other with the Great Buildings with both Forge Points swaps and Sticks2Bricks, donate half of all your goods every other day, and don't spend diamonds on any premium buildings or...
  4. Elaine Trapp


    Proposal: It would be nice to have a place to write down notes about things we want to remember about the game but don't necessarily want to write a group message about. Current System: I don't think there's any part of the game that connects with this. Description: It would be nice to have a...
  5. Elaine Trapp

    A change that I actually like

    I am glad that they've made it so that when we want to change the type of road we're using all we've got to do is place the new one on top of the old one.
  6. Elaine Trapp


    Proposal: Make it so that when we create a message choosing either Friends or Neighbors we have a select all box like we do when we choose Guild. Current System: Right now if we choose either Friends or Neighbors and want all of them we've got to go through the list and mark each one. Details...
  7. Elaine Trapp

    Counter Attacks

    Why is it that sometimes our troops don't always counter attack? I'm not talking about when attacked by troops that can attack from a far because that be impossible, but I have noticed that sometimes when our troops are attacked when up close they don't always counter attack.
  8. Elaine Trapp


    Does anyone know if anyone has created a proposal to have INNO show our neighbors troops before we press attack?
  9. Elaine Trapp

    Knowing When To Let A Proposal Go

    I feel that some players don't know when to let their proposals go/die. If you only got 1 or 2 people that support your proposal and lots more against it then give about 3 arguments to try to get them to change their minds (without insulting anyone). If after the 3rd time you still haven't...
  10. Elaine Trapp

    GE Extra Turn Boost

    Proposal: Add more extra turns to the extra turn boost. Current System: Right now no matter which amount of time we choose for the extra turn boost we only get 1 extra turn. Details: If the GE extra turn boost was set up were when we chose the amount of time for the extra turn we got more than...
  11. Elaine Trapp

    Cut time/cost on rearranging cities

    I know that players have made proposals in the past to try to come up on way to at least in my way of thinking needs to be approved on for I think it cost to much and takes to long to do, because you got to keep stopping to save up on coins/supplies. This has nothing to do with not knowing how...
  12. Elaine Trapp

    Looking For A Guild To Join

    If anyone from this world reads this I'm an active player that's close to unlocking my Smithery research and looking for a Guild to join that has Forge Points Swap threads and has members that interact with each other.
  13. Elaine Trapp

    Have Full Control Of Troops

    Proposal: Give us full control of our troops and don't limit which troops of the opposing army we can attack. Current System: The way things are set up the game makes us choose which troops we attack from the ones it chooses for us to be able to attack. Details: Make it so that the players...
  14. Elaine Trapp

    Trading Scales For GB's Goods

    Proposal: On android/mobile devices for the goods needed to build GBs please add trading scales like the ones for research. Current System: Right now on android/mobile devices if you want to trade or create a trade for the goods that you need to build GBs you've got to leave the GB you're...
  15. Elaine Trapp

    Finding Guilds

    Proposal: Make it so that players that use android devices/mobile phones if we know the name of the guild we're looking for to join we can type in the guild's name. Current System: Right now the only option we have is to scroll through all the guilds to find the guild that we want to join...
  16. Elaine Trapp

    Sizes of Great Buildings

    Proposal: Please add the size of the Great Building to the construction window for each Great Building, similar to what is visible in the desktop application, and not just in the first question mark in the build menu. Current System: When we go to a Great Building in the build menu, there's a...
  17. Elaine Trapp


    Proposal: Watch five video advertisements in order to win a package. Package 20% of coin package 20% of supplies package 15% of a random current era unit 15% of ten forge points 15% chance of current era goods(10) 10% of a medal package 5% of a special building Current System: There is no...
  18. Elaine Trapp

    Storage Building

    Proposal: Make a store building for buildings that players build or change the store building that players get to store buildings that they are rewarded to include buildings that players build. Current System: Right now there's only a store building you get for storing buildings that a player...
  19. Elaine Trapp

    SD memory cards 3

    Proposal: Make Forge of Empires compatible with SD memory cards to increase storage for players that use android device. Current System: As the game is set up players that play on android devices have to use the internal storage space. Details: Making Forge of Empires compatible with SD memory...
  20. Elaine Trapp

    SD memory cards 2

    Current system: None that I know of. Detail: Making the game compatible with SD memory cards will greatly increase storage space. Abuse prevention: There is no way to abuse it. Visual images: Hope these pictures help. Final comments: Making the game compatible with SD memory cards will help all...