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  1. Forwarded Show specifically which goods are still needed for gather goods quests

    Idea: Some quests require you to gather X amount of goods from your age. If you fall short of completing the quest while collecting, you have no idea which goods you still need to trade for to complete the quest. Suggest making some sort of added graphics to the quest box so that there is a way...
  2. Story quest

    I’m ready to move into the next age. I have about 20 story quests left of the list according to wiki from my current age. If I move up will I still be required to complete the story quests from the previous age or will they auto complete so that I will start on the story quests of my new age? If...
  3. Need more friends

    I recently had to redo my friends list to get below 80 to add someone for a goods purchase. I am now coming up short on my buildings being aided and have to use self motivation kits about everyday. If you are active and want to add me, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Lj5095