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  1. DreadfulCadillac

    How are some guilds in gold/silver league already?

    i thought everyone was in copper league for the first week?very confusing
  2. DreadfulCadillac

    Hi! i need help with the new forum layout, any threads that can help me?

    Hi!just logged on after a bit, see this new layout and am very confused.. Like what on earth is a reaction score, and why change the good olformat:(
  3. DreadfulCadillac

    Trading problem on mobile.

    Just loaded up the game on the mobile app, and this bug comes up: this person is my friend still(i checked afterward) but in the thread it comes up as if i cant trades with her. it says"only neighbors, friends, and guild members can trade with each other" send a friend request to this player"...
  4. DreadfulCadillac

    Keep inventory page open while using inventory boosts.

    Proposal: While using inventory boosts currently , after you use a boost you have to open up the inventory page again and find the boost, as the inventory page shuts. I propose that when using a boost , the page doesn't shut, so you don't have to open up the inventory page and find...
  5. DreadfulCadillac

    Let us Delete (or lock) threads we create if we want!!

    I belive the OP of the thread they create should be allowed to delete/lock the thread they created. Reasons Why- Now that we dont have any very active moderators, it could take along time to get your thread closed or locked if you wanted it deleted or locked. I'd make a proposal out of this that...
  6. DreadfulCadillac

    Congrats Metalheads!!FOr becomeing #1 in J

    Congrats Metalheads for becoming the #1 guild in jaims, im not in Metalheads, nor do i ever intend to, but i think its cool that you guys managed to become #1 Sincerly, DreadfulCadillac
  7. DreadfulCadillac

    need friends

    send me a invite ingame i go by the same name as i do here
  8. DreadfulCadillac

    *read this its imporant* *then reply*

    idea: let me message all worlds in usa server at once . why? because i want power. Only i can do this.:) and cause its not a proposal, just a idea, no dnsl posts pls:) i wanna announce to all people on all usa worlds this:I will be having 100s, if not 1000s of trades being put up and (hopefully)...
  9. DreadfulCadillac

    Trading 24/7 365

    I will be having 100s, if not 1000s of trades being put up and (hopefully) accepted within the rest of the year. join in on the fun!.out with your old goods, bring home some new ones.message me in jaims if you have surplus of ANYTHING. This is a ALL AGES grad here.i will try to take ANYTHING and...
  10. DreadfulCadillac

    mods please shut this thread .ANSWERED

    is there a bonus questline in the progressive era map, the one im in right now.if there is what province triggers it?i dont want to lock out my 2nd RQ slot, thats why im asking...
  11. DreadfulCadillac

    Get rid of the Dnsl 2 i geuss?????

    I mean we got rid of format requirments..whats next?Dnsl... im joking but seriously why did you have to get rid of the requirments?every serious proposal that wasnt in requirement always put it into format.....
  12. DreadfulCadillac

    [Question] HELP!(i started a guild)and need advice abp\out recruiting

    Hi, i started a guild today, took a AA gvg sector, and am already lvl 1 . There are 3 other people in the guild, and one of those 3 is just visiting my guild. they are all in ia and under a mil points. i have 1.8 million points. my question is how do i get some higher aged players in My guild?
  13. DreadfulCadillac

    MORE DIAMONDS(not complainigng DO NOT FIX IT!

    ok so i log in on my main workd today using flash, because like other people, the hmlt5 for me uis trash.and geuss what i find !! a extra 250 diamonds that didnt perveously exsist in my diamond area..not from ge, and i didnt buy them..and no notifications of winning a contest so WHERE ARE THEY...
  14. DreadfulCadillac

    [Answered] can i get troops above my age in HMA ?

    is lma the first era i can get trops bove my age?i am in hma and i wanna ge troops bove my age:)
  15. DreadfulCadillac

    [Answered] OVER 20 mil points while staying in hma

    Is it possible to attain over 20 million points while staying in HMA?if i can get that much while in hma i will jump to FE or CE
  16. DreadfulCadillac

    [Question] NEW WORLD

    When the next world coming u mods know? i just wanna get to fe and start selling arc sets in whatever the new world may be:)
  17. DreadfulCadillac

    Friend Trade button in MARKET.

    Proposal: Create a button that filters trades as the neighborhood and guild trade button does. It will be in between the Neighborhood trade button and the Guild trade button Current system: Does not currently exist in the game, will not be replacing anything. Details: It will be a button, same...
  18. DreadfulCadillac

    Bring Message All Button For Friends And The One For Neighbors To PC As Well.

    Proposal:Bring the Button that says Add All Neighbors And the One that says add all friends from mobile only to pc and mobile. Details:On Mobile Near where there is a buton saying, Add all guild members in the message center There are 2 buttons .1 thats says Add all neighbors, and another that...
  19. DreadfulCadillac


    I am thinking about creating a diamond farm on a world(no not a GE diamond farm, a WW farm) question is I am going to get all the wws from the upcoming events(as they have so many, i mine as well) thinking of picking up like at least 20 to 30 wws on these 1 or 2 world from the free event...
  20. DreadfulCadillac

    Friendly merchant in Jaims.

    Hi.My ingame name is DreadfulCadillac. I am intrested in trading many many ages in Jaims if u have overstaock of that age. i Will trade PME for ME, CE for PME and VF for OF or AF in fair trades.i will also trade more stuff.these are only some examnples.:)Message me igame or here if intrested...