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  1. Duplicate Advancement of GBG sector bug or a cheat?

    So currently, we can see that blue guild advancement are not gone after no adjacent sector near it and as i clicked it after, it is still there and visible. I ask my other guildie to check it if its only in my pc but it shows to them as well? Please make an examination with this.
  2. Not A Bug Hello, I'am experiencing this bug earlier. My game menu (us0) experiencing a white background like an html and cant login.

    I experienced this bug earlier and cant log in through pc and its like a down server. I check my connection and i'm still stable can still play videos online. But when i test it on my phone, i can still play the game. I dont whats the problem but could someone help me with this? Here is the...
  3. Do Not Suggest Contestant's Estate Lvl.2

    Hope there will be a chance to have a level 2 for this building before everyone sells it all in antique dealer at least 6% attack boost with no scaling dmg in lvl2 which 1% lower than Royal marble (with same tile consume) because this one scales as age thats why it needs to be stronger. still...
  4. Is it bug or not? Virgo project is not occuring on higher attacking army e.g. (battlegrounds)

    Its almost a month now that the virgo project doesn't occur in higher attack damage. I always save the collection of my virgo project at high attrition but it doesn't work. But i made to proc it only when the attrition is reset or if it is lower attack damage than mine. I don't think this is bug...