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  1. Just An Observer

    Unformatted Sniper icon

    We have one for Plundering. Since there is no way to numerically track sniping, why not have a no-star crosshairs with a silhouette of a human in the sight that can be selected by anyone who would wish to list Sniper as a favorite accomplishment?
  2. Just An Observer

    Not A Bug Cannot get in the game

    The FoE part of the page is fine. Where the user name shows up on the right (I am on a PC), all I get is a white screen with an "Unable To Load Page" error message. Is anyone else having trouble right now?
  3. Just An Observer

    Guild invite question

    If an Invite sent to me when I am currently in a guild, how do I find the Invite later on? Going back through a ton of posts in Events History strikes me as a kludge. What easier way is there to find the Invite when I am ready to accept it? I bet our Agent knows :-)
  4. Just An Observer

    Best browser for use with Win7?

    Subject title says it all.
  5. Just An Observer

    Doing Settlements twice question

    Can a player drop a completed Settlement quest line, then go back to do it all over again to get a second set of buildings and Envoys? If so, will duplicate Envoys be accepted in the Town Hall?
  6. Just An Observer

    Happy Unbirthday costs per era

    This topic is not present in these forums or on this site's wiki, so I ask those who do the recursion deal, what are the costs in supplies/coins per era for Happy Unbirthday?
  7. Just An Observer

    Pagoda offering deal from Inno

    When I turned on the computer this morning, up came an offer to buy with Diamonds a Pagoda with all the upgrades. It struck me as a good deal so I bought in. This is the first time I have seen Inno offer a fine events building in such a way. Thank you Inno! Now to see if they will also offer...
  8. Just An Observer

    Message Center question

    Right now there is no one able to administer the Message Forum for my guild. I am the Founder. How do I get myself in position to be able to administrate the Message Forum? A "lock" icon is showing on the upper right when I get to the list of members where administration would be performed.
  9. Just An Observer

    So what is the Summer Event like?

    This is my first one so that makes me curious...
  10. Just An Observer

    How many expansions in the Colonial era provinces are there?

    Does anyone have the answer?
  11. Just An Observer

    Unformatted "Preview Of Coming Attractions" idea

    Please place in the Unformatted section. Looking at the Japanese, Viking and Egyptian settlements made me think of a new one. Have a scaled down version of each era's offerings for players to play with. Giving everyone a shot at SAAB would be cool! Let the GB's come in at Level 10 so they...
  12. Just An Observer

    RENO vs One Ups

    What differences are there between the two? The wiki here did not help as putting in each in the search box did not lead to an article on them. Instead all I saw was a string of articles about event buildings with those terms mentioned, thus the question.
  13. Just An Observer

    Story Quest/Recurring Quest question

    If a Story Quest gets completed when a Recurring Quest is present, will the Recurring Quest disappear or remain?
  14. Just An Observer

    Adding a title to a guild member's listing...how is it done?

    When I was looking at guilds in the rankings list, I saw one where titles for the members were below their names. Going through Global, profile and anything else I could think of did not let me find a way to do this, so if someone knows, please speak up :-)
  15. Just An Observer

    Tech tree question

    Reading on this forum a player said that until one activated a section on the tech tree, that filling a spot with FP's would not make it so an era boundary was crossed that a player did not wish to cross. Now let's assume that player said the correct thing. That leads to this question: Can I...
  16. Just An Observer

    Pillar of Heroes not getting any stars...why?

    Four Kiosks get the stars fast! The two Level 1 Pillar of Heroes do not get anything after24 hours What is going on? My best guess is that some pieces in the city get a top priority when someone hits their Aid button while others die on the vine. The Witch Doctor was doing the same thing so...