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  1. Mustapha00

    Improving Fountain Of Youth

    I'm not to the Proposal stage yet, just kinda brainstorming this. As things stand now, the Fountain of Youth is inferior to the Wishing Well. How? Well, we have available a Wishing Well Shrink Kit, which reduces the footprint of a WW from 3x3 to 3x2, meaning that, with several such Kits, you...
  2. Mustapha00

    [Question] "Aid All": Would You Rather?

    I know the suggestion for an Aid All button to be added to the game has been made many, many times before, but I wanted to approach it from a slightly different angle. If "AA" were introduced but the downside were to be a decrease in the chances of getting a BP from the transaction, would you...
  3. Mustapha00

    Looking To Add Friends

    LMA player looking for additional friends for pretty much daily Mo/Po. (not intended to sound like a personals ad on Craigslist, but there it is)
  4. Mustapha00

    Inno: Please Consider Moving Deals To Friday

    I thought about posting this suggestion in the Proposals forum, but, as I hadn't see something along these lines there, decided to initially post here for discussion. The suggestion is a simple one: please considering moving your Shop Deals, like the one running now that gives Tickets for the...
  5. Mustapha00

    Issue With GE Relic Icon

    On three servers, I have noticed that the Icon which lights up if a Relic has spawned is either not working at all or at least not working consistently. In one case, I was completing level one and about to go to level two when a message popped up telling me that I was leaving a Relic on the...
  6. Mustapha00

    Proposal: Add Notification For Full Tavern to Mobile

    Proposal: I am asking that Inno please consider adding a Notification for their mobile users which will inform them when their Tavern is full. Current System: no such Notification is in place. Details: Mobile players know that their version lacks a few of the features which computer players...
  7. Mustapha00

    Issue With Mobile (Apple) App?

    With yesterday's rollout of 1.91, I received a notification upon trying to log in that my version of the game was outdated. This was unusual, as most other patches have been installed once I'd chosen a server. This time, however, I was directed to the App Store. Once there, I saw that the latest...
  8. Mustapha00

    Building Age Determined By When Placed

    I scanned the Proposals Forum to see if this suggested had been made and I did not see it on the Frequently Proposed thread nor in the last 5 pages of posts, so, at the risk of being unknowingly redundant, I want to make the following informal (for now) "suggestion": Allow Event Building's Ages...
  9. Mustapha00

    Why Do GB ATT/DEF Bonuses Not Apply To City Defense?

    Why was the decision made for the military bonuses for Zeus, CdM and other GBs not to apply to city defense? I do understand that the bonus does apply for certain other GBs (Deal, Basil's and probably others), but history shows that those in the defensive almost always held an advantage over...
  10. Mustapha00

    Suggested Change For Event Buildings

    Not sure if this one is worth creating a formal proposals but I'll toss it out here for discussion. Instead of Event Buildings corresponding to the Era in which they were won, have them correspond to the Era in which they are actually placed. Do three or four Foeberge Shops of the same Era...
  11. Mustapha00

    Packs From The Store- Time For An Upgrade?

    I have, on occasion, given into temptation and purchased at least some of the packs from the in-game store. I consider the Buildings Pack to be a very good deal. If memory serves, it's a premium Residential, Good, Culture and Deco building from your current Era and costs....$5.99US (I think)...
  12. Mustapha00

    Quests That Make Sense

    Entirely possible that this has been brought up before, so I apologize in advance for repeating it. Is it possible for something to be done with the Quest system so that completion takes a reasonable amount of time? I received a Story Line (non-abortable) quest that requires me to build a...
  13. Mustapha00

    Friends Invite For M/P

    Greetings folkses! If you're looking for someone to motivate/polish pretty much every day- I do try- then please feel free to send me- Mustapha00- a Friends request. I'll also try to help out with GBs and I do honor fair trades.
  14. Mustapha00

    Election Law Changes

    We are roughly one year away from electing the leader of the Free World. Our process for election those who (at least claim to) represent us is among the most tidy procedures in the world. We do not have proportional representation. We do not have multiple parties which rarely elect enough...
  15. Mustapha00

    Mobile Notifications Thought

    No idea if this has ever been brought up, but what do you all think of being able to set Notifications on a server-by-server basis? I play only only three servers and, between being advised that my productions are ready, my trades have been accepted and my scout has reached a new province, my...
  16. Mustapha00

    [Question] Lighthouse Of Alexandria Mobile Bug?

    No idea if anyone else has run into this- with my luck, it'll be just me- but it sure appears that the bonus to supplies I collect from my LoA does NOT work on my iPhone, though it does on my desktop. If I'm doing the math right, my Tanner would produce 160 supplies in one hour. With Happy (if...
  17. Mustapha00

    Player Attacks...Then Retreats?

    I've noticed something happening to me on a fairly regular basis. A player will attack my town. One of his units moves, usually a mounted unit (early stages of the game folks). Once it reaches the end of its movement, the player must hit Retreat because the fight immediately stops with no damage...
  18. Mustapha00

    Diamonds + Blueprint Offer

    So I gave into temptation and bought the $20 package that offered 1500 Diamonds plus 6 (I think) random Blueprints. How do I go about getting the Blueprints? No new ones have automatically shown up in my inventory, no Gift package has popped up....nothing. I did get the Diamonds immediately, so...
  19. Mustapha00

    Guilds Currently Recruiting?

    Greetings All! First week in the game and I am enjoying myself quite a bit. The one frustration that I have run across is the difficulty of acquiring trade goods that you cannot produce yourself. I am the only player with a Trade Offer currently running. The ration trading with the...