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  1. Diamond specials that are for events

    During most events they will put up a special for the purchase of diamonds with tickets ( as in this event). Does anyone know when that may happen for this event?
  2. [Guide] New pricing on diamonds

    Is this time sensitive. Does not give an expiration. Also the prices are more for what you get thru Google play. I have to buy this way as Rixty was removed. Are specials not offered on google play as on android? If this is not the right place to ask let me know and I will go to support.
  3. Events - Summer

    Is there going to be a summer event like the ones in the past with the spinning a wheel? We seems to be getting a lot of different events which I have liked. Just wondering about the summer one.
  4. Land Expansions

    If you complete all of the land that it shows by victory expansions but you still have some on the map or in the research, does more become available? The darken area is were I believe it would be that you can expand. What if it is used up?
  5. Renovation Kits

    Proposal;Put one renovation kit in your special packs. Maybe the building pack or research pack. Current System; Special offer for (army pack, Research Pack, and Building pack) Prices are 3.99, 5.99, and 6.99 Details; offer in one of these packs for one of them. maybe increase the price...
  6. Renovation Kits

    Renovation Kits, I have seem them on the wheel in this event but not very often. I know that other events have them to get. With all that I have gotten in this event I need a lot of them. Would like to kept the buildings I just got. Are they going to show up more later? Between my 5 cities I...