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  1. [Question] Reconstruction Mode

    Thank you for responding. So after saving my city it is a one time thing only? I understand I do not have to use this but it would be good to know a better way to have my streets placed.
  2. [Question] Reconstruction Mode

    I have a question is this permanent? In other words if I do one but did not like how it worked out can it be do it again. Also if you age up and now have different streets (Highways) and now I had a need to do again. I am still not sure how I what to do it. I sometimes go to other cities to see...
  3. Virtual Future Feedback

    This one so far is done very well.
  4. Maybe moving to New Mexico Albuquerque Area

    Maybe moving to New Mexico Albuquerque Area
  5. Now retired

    Now retired
  6. [FAQ] Help, I am being plundered!

    I thank all that have responded. I stopped making goods as can never get them, Palaces and other special builds are big targets. The ones that I found that attached are: 79,153,523 attack 284 defense 183 second one 24,652014 attack 96 defense 214. Mine 10,817788 attack 96 defense 214 This city...
  7. If you are in Mt Killmore, Langendorn, East-Nagach, Cirgard, or Avrahall send me a friend...

    If you are in Mt Killmore, Langendorn, East-Nagach, Cirgard, or Avrahall send me a friend request. I can at least join your tavern.
  8. [FAQ] Help, I am being plundered!

    I have Monastery, tiger’s den, RITUAL FLAMES, WATCH FIRES and what comes with sets buildings in any space I have. (Need more SPACE)
  9. [FAQ] Help, I am being plundered!

    I guess the main thing I what to know is what do I do to defend myself. Being attacked is not a problem it is being plundered 15 times a day. Other wise it does not bother me. I am use to it. I have been playing this game for some time. And I have also done GVG without help. Thanks for reply.
  10. [FAQ] Help, I am being plundered!

    I’m in Oceanic Future. Three cities are done with research two half way thru. Two cities are in the ocean map the others are still in Arctic map. I will fight the map unless because of a quest. Monastery, tiger’s den, RITUAL FLAMES, WATCH FIRES and what comes with sets buildings MY GBs are...
  11. [FAQ] Help, I am being plundered!

    Thanks for your reply. I am already pass 10. I have 5 cities with some of these GBs at level 13. I have looked at the stats when watching a playback. I sometimes work on ones I feel are good for offense. I have other things down that help. I just seems the best way is putting up the shield on...
  12. [FAQ] Help, I am being plundered!

    I understand about being attracted and plundered. One of my cities had 15 or more attacking at different times of the day. Could not make anything. I would set it for something they may not what. The question I have is about two great buildings : Cathedral of St Basil and...
  13. Diamond specials that are for events

    During most events they will put up a special for the purchase of diamonds with tickets ( as in this event). Does anyone know when that may happen for this event?
  14. [Guide] New pricing on diamonds

    New pricing is back to normal. There has been specials during events when buying diamonds but I do not know if that is also offered on mobile. If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks for all of your feedback.
  15. [Guide] New pricing on diamonds

    Thanks interesting. Wish they would do that for on android. Mine is Dollars as in USA. Thanks.
  16. [Guide] New pricing on diamonds

    Is this time sensitive. Does not give an expiration. Also the prices are more for what you get thru Google play. I have to buy this way as Rixty was removed. Are specials not offered on google play as on android? If this is not the right place to ask let me know and I will go to support.
  17. Victory Expansions

    Thanks, after adding up what is left on the maps and research there is not enough for all the dark spots I have. I am in the Future. Am holding off on the AF until I build up my goods and GBs.
  18. Victory Expansions

    Two of my cities are no longer showing victory expansions. Is this just a bug or does this stop at a certain point? you have said in all three cases a finite number of expansions are available. If this one stops at what amount of medals?
  19. Events - Summer

  20. Events - Summer

    Is there going to be a summer event like the ones in the past with the spinning a wheel? We seems to be getting a lot of different events which I have liked. Just wondering about the summer one.