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  1. No Changes in Neighborhoods for four Month's or Longer

    I wish to know why, in the last four Months or so, whenever the Neighborhoods are supposed to have some of the players changed to new ones, I have the same Neighbors that I started out with? Before I would have a bully or a persistent attacker/plunderer and ever few months they would be...
  2. Sound Effects w/Treasure Map

    Is there anyway to turn off the sound effects with the Treasure Map. It sounds like someone is making "farting" noises! It's terrible, and I dislike the whole Treasure Map and wish there was someway to get rid of it too. It is distracting with it's Green Check Mark all the time.
  3. Reversing and Error, other odds and ends

    I accidentaly deleted a Wishing well when I was trying to delete a decoration, (I know it asks "Are you sure you want to delete this?") But I already had it in my hand, and you believe it is deleting a decoration, and it accidently picked up the Well instead, there is nothing you can do to stop...
  4. Not A Bug Monastery Building in EMA

    I keep being told that when I got to the EMA section on my Continent Map, that after I did all five sections I would be offered a Monastery for defense of my town. I play in four worlds and I have never been offered such a thing??? Are they pulling my leg or is this something that really...
  5. [Question] Soldiers Healing time and changes!

    I have aquestion I hope someone can answer.Whenever I go to get more Soldiers/Warrior it says "time to heal 6m or12m" but then they never heal, unless I have a battle and attack someoneand my men get wiped out??? Are they based on Population or Forge Points or? Iwanted to make up a small stock...