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  1. Challenge 3

    1 - NDame - D 2 - ARC - E 3 - RaH - B 4- HC - A 5- Colosseum F 6 - SC -- C Thanks - ib4est596
  2. December Never ending lottery

    381 langendorn
  3. Super power contest

    Wisdom -- seems to me that is what is lacking in society today. Although I would love to be a healer, but maybe the lesson to be learned isn't from immediate healing. Knowing the future, is dangerous because knowing the future doesn't imply you can change the future. With Wisdom, you can cure...
  4. Mahatma Gandhi Questline Feedback

    Can't complete the event - i just changed Era's don't have 900 units of this era and I don't have the troops / buildings so can't complete optional might want to do a logic check to see if those challanges can be completed. If not, give an alt challange. i am not super pleased with the event...
  5. Christmas in July Give away

    Like everyone else 24 - SOK or a potion to use once a day to double your Fp, like the 10%, 20% 30 % bottles, that would give you 30, 40 50% more Fp.. kinda kewl idea i think. COINS - there is SOOOooooo much land I don't have! Unlimted Diamonds for 24 hrs. (limited)Diamonds but a bunch of...

    didn't want diamonds just some cool building or army guy with special something

    am I too late am I too late to get in on the goodies - - - Updated - - - am I ? I am aren't I - - - Updated - - - please tell me I didn't miss it - - - Updated - - - I was on and kicked and on and kicked now I get on and no prizes I am bummed