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  1. Czari

    FPs on GBs

    Are people able to place FPs on GBs if they are unattached from Town Hall? Thank you! Errr, I tried with my own GB and discovered one can't. Carry on.... :oops:
  2. Czari

    Fixed Polish Bug

    This just began happening about a day and a half ago and is occurring in all my worlds: When I manually polish a building in a city, I receive the "This building has already been polished" message and the aid button goes dark; however, if I reload the screen, the aid button is lit up again...
  3. Czari

    How to Join a Guild on Mobile Devices

    A member of my guild asked how to join a guild in another world on his iPad. The only post I found here was from 2014. I've asked people in my guilds who use mobile how to join and was told only "crap guilds" are shown and one can't join the same was as on a PC. Sooo...is there any way to...
  4. Czari

    Keep Capitol or Not?

    I finally acquired an Inno Tower in my main world where I also have the Capitol. The latter is only level 8 but is sufficient to only need two extra housing units. My Inno is currently level 4; noticed this morning that the city's happiness had gone down - no longer the big smile. I updated...
  5. Czari

    Duplicate Accounts?

    Is there anyway to tell if someone is using duplicate accounts on one server? I checked out foedb but, unless I'm not looking at the right place, I can't even find when a player began. (I'm thinking that must be some place I'm missing.) Anyway, I don't want to report someone if the accounts...
  6. Czari

    Terrace Farm Opinions

    Since Terrace Farms began appearing as one of the prizes for completing GE Level 4 I've seen them cropping up in especially very high-rated players' cities - usually a lot of them. In one guild (#2 guild on server) the emphasis was primarily (from my perspective) on getting as many TFs as...
  7. Czari

    Add A Friend Quest Stuck in Bronze Age?

    I began a new city on Z world and noted updates to the tutorial from the last time I began a city...ohhhhh three years ago.:p There is a story quest asking me to add one friend. Since the quest has been up (since this morning), I have added a number of friends but the quest remains. It sounds...
  8. Czari

    Unable to Select a World?

    A friend wants to play FoE; I told him how to register, etc. then how to select Tuulech. He responded in an email that Tuulech was not listed and he chose another world. I sent back detailed info on how to get to the world selection menu. He sent the attached screen shot and I'm stumped! has...
  9. Czari

    Any Arc Goods for Sale in Cirgard?

    Not sure if this part of the forum is where to put this post so apologies in advance if it is not. That said, I would like to build an Arc in Cirgard. I've asked several times within my guild with no response. I've been given some FE goods by a couple of kind guildmates, have asked the...
  10. Czari

    [Question] Trades Not Showing Up in Goods Total?

    I just submitted a support ticket for this but thought I'd see if this is happening to others - On Cirgard I am posting trades, primarily in ME and PME, that are showing they have been filled but are not shown as being added to my goods total. I keep a Word doc. with all goods listed and note...
  11. Czari

    Too Many Rogue Hideouts?

    In my main city I have approximately 1,100 unattached rogues. I also have about 10 rogue hideouts so my supply of those is good as well. I heard someone say to only get one rogue hideout (assuming one has a Traz) because if one gets too many hideouts the Traz will mainly make those. That got...
  12. Czari

    Cancel a Tavern Boost?

    I don't think this is possible but, just in case, is it possible to cancel a friends tavern boost before the time runs out?
  13. Czari

    Not A Bug Receiving Chat From Random People in Guild Chat

    In Guild Chat on V world I am receiving "Global Chat" in that the people are random and none are from my guild. I'm also receiving Global Chat as normal. I submitted a ticket to CS but interested if anyone else is experiencing this issue.
  14. Czari

    How to Tell if a Player is Active

    I'm pretty sure I once saw a website that indicated if FoE players were active or not and thought I'd bookmarked it but now can't find it. Does anyone know if there is such a site and, if so, I would love to have the link again please. Thanks!
  15. Czari

    City Graphics Size

    Were the city graphics size increased in the last six hours? I just entered my city and the normal view looks like the former "scrolled in" view. (I play on a desktop with a large monitor.) It's like looking at the city with an 840x840 graphics setting. Is this some kind of "improvement?" I...
  16. Czari

    Question about the Arc GB

    If I'm understanding this correctly, one of the things the Arc does is give a boost to "contribution rewards" which I assume means rewards (FPs, medals, blueprints) we get from donating to others' GBs. With the Chateau, when I receive a boost for quest rewards there is an exclamation mark that...
  17. Czari

    Fall Event - Today's Special

    It looks like the daily special is only obtained from either of the two baskets. There is also the items that need to be unlocked in the baskets - that I understand. What I'm scratching my head about is that in other events the daily special generally costs x amount of...
  18. Czari

    Planting Apple Trees

    To any Beta players - will we know if we planted a tree in someone's city; like a notice or something popping up? Would we see the tree if we aid manually or is there no notice and aiding from Town Hall ok?
  19. Czari

    Guild Expeditions and One-Person Guilds?

    I want to turn one of my cities into a diamond farm and thus will be leaving my guild on that world. Is it possible for me to create a guild for myself so that I can participate in the GE Expeditions?
  20. Czari


    Occasionally a player with the name of guest(whole string of numbers) appears in my hood. Usually they disappear after a few days. A current one just aided my city. Anyone know if one doesn't choose a name they become a "guest?" Or who are these people?