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  1. KingB26

    thanks again lancer

    i just started a new diamond city on this world, thank you lancer for letting me join your guild
  2. KingB26

    Hey everyone, fun meeting is happening right now, feel free to join

    everyday at 7:30 to 8:00 everyday i will be chatting at my profile about game stuff, what you want to be added or removed from the game, and a new GBG,GVG or a new guild battleing guild mode, thanks for reading and i hope to see you there, note this is for fun and will likely never happen in...
  3. KingB26

    im so confused how the forum football game works

    im so confused how the forum football game works, someone please tell me how it works
  4. KingB26

    who is rick

    why did the people of rack pack name there guild rick lives matter?
  5. KingB26

    pretty strange right

    https://prnt.sc/uem0ke some how in a new world this player has a billion points while in the first world the top player is at 850 mil, i don't know but i am very confused by this
  6. KingB26

    hello forges and , um other people

    what are the best worlds for diamond citys
  7. KingB26


    anyone know the event buidings attack points it gives, ( the fall one) im in hma and ema
  8. KingB26


    can someone explain me how building points and GBings points work
  9. KingB26


    will rewards ever come to GVG
  10. KingB26

    PLease respond the my messege below

    soooo, can anyone give me tips on how to start a GVG guild