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  1. Daily challenge

    I'm in the high mid ages and this is the second one I've been able to do. ( Completing all the tasks will automatically award one of the prizes from the chosen showcase ) I did complete it and the four choices came up and nothing so if I don't get something for my time and effort why try.
  2. Daily challenge

    Just found one I could do and won (Happy) Went to the chest, there was the Choice Gargoyle, Printer, Doctor, Church OK not bad, till I tried to get one Clicked on one then the other then the other 2 nothing (Not so Happy) Now to train 4 Berserkers and 3 Knights for nothing (Not Happy) except to...
  3. Guild Treasury

    Then why donate?
  4. Guild Treasury

    I have trades in the guild only but nothing. How do I trade with the Guild Treasury
  5. Amount of cities

    I have 6 but I have a lot of time
  6. Amount of cities

    How many cities do most players have?
  7. Range fighter

    It ran off the battle field into the jungle. How do I find it?
  8. Tavern

    I guess I'll build one and see and get back in a few days.
  9. Tavern

    Then what good is it?
  10. Tavern

    If I build a new one does it eliminate the one that came with the start of the game?
  11. Goods

  12. Goods

    New Here Where do I find if I have Marble, Stone, or Lumber? So I know what mills to buy?