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  1. Shoutout

    To Risen United: I just wanted to send a shoutout to your guild. While I know you guys are disappointed, please know that today, I really found out what my newer guild is capable of. It was a crazy 18 hour day yesterday, and at least take solace in knowing my young players found out what it...
  2. GE

    Id actually want to finish 4th or 5th...it would make it look good in the rankings...lol
  3. GE

    Just wanted to send mad props to Inconceivable. Made us bust our humps! First time Ive been involved with 2 plus 130% guilds. Good group of fighters there. Good luck! GBH
  4. GvG Lag - "tile 38,75"

    Sorry guys...... Events>GvG .......we need more events so I can complete 180 24 hour productions for 5k coin
  5. Vanishing Diamonds

    Reloaded, and diamonds are not back....
  6. Vanishing Diamonds

    Ooops....sry.....45 minutes after they said a fix was instituted, still no diamonds.
  7. Vanishing Diamonds

  8. Vanishing Diamonds

    Logging out and back in, clearing cache...blah blah blah did not work for me.
  9. Vanishing Diamonds

    O World....just happened to me also, I just wrote support.
  10. Server is down

    So after going through 14 pages....Im not sure... Is the game down? #troll
  11. cant log in

    I also can not get into Odhrorvar. Its been almost 45 minutes. Any update on the issue?? GBH