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  1. Czari

    Hall of Fame Aid Issue

    I've been having a similar issue with Hall of Fame ie. does not show age of building (nor anything) when hover mouse. I look for specific era goods so this is very annoying. This began happening earlier this week.
  2. Czari

    Great building leveling

    I'm deleting posts that show me as the author and I didn't post it; with me as a reference for a post I didn't write, I can't. (This is starting to hurt my brain...lol)
  3. Czari

    Great building leveling

    Didn't know that...thank you. :) The city where I'm doing it is one of my least played so I wouldn't have much, if any, FPs invested but still good to know.
  4. Czari

    Great building leveling

    As one who began using PCs in the grand days of DOS, just have to say I love your profile pic. :D
  5. Czari

    Great building leveling

    I have a hoodie that not only levels my Arc but also plunders me daily so during the time he's in my hood I disconnect my Arc - fortunately he's not in the hood that much but leveling my Arc AND plundering me is just annoying.
  6. Czari

    cultral settlement stragedy ?

    How do I get more "Japanese," please? That sounds like a song title but I mean those little "faces." I see how to generate everything else.
  7. Czari

    Guild FP exchange threads

    I can recommend sellers with whom I've dealt and are very fair in C, D & Z. If you're in any of those worlds, send a pm to me in the game and I can relay the info.
  8. Czari

    Guild FP exchange threads

    We had this happen by several different people who seemed astonished that they couldn't just pick a GB from the list. (How the swaps work had been explained to them previously.) They became very argumentative on the point and were "escorted" out the door.
  9. Czari

    Swaps vs 1.9 (or 1.8)

    Same with one of our guilds. We also have a mix of people with level 80+ Arcs and others just getting started. The leaders handled this issue by creating two sets of swap threads - one for those who plan to get locks on their GBs and one where people just use the swap threads and aren't...
  10. Czari

    Was Cosmic Raven's Guide even a remotely competitive playstyle for its time?

    I had been playing over three years, had four active cities and had begun and deleted more cities than I can remember. I was getting burned out by doing the same ole, same ole. I very likely would have left the game - then I stumbled upon CR's post about HQS and decided to test it out by...
  11. Czari

    How do You handle Unwanted Donations?

    This. ^^ I used to feel badly if someone placed FPs on one of my GBs on which I wasn't leveling but that was maybe 2 years ago. Most of the FPs are a handful at most. Recently someone new to the game posted in these forums they needed BPs on xyz GB which I happened to be actively...
  12. Czari

    Contest day 7

    I began playing FoE approximately 4 1/2 years ago in Cirgard and joined my first guild with whom I stayed the greater part of four years in several worlds. Two guild mates became my mentors. One suggested that I stay in one age until I had accumulated x amount of the goods for that era. This...
  13. Czari

    [Question] HELP!(i started a guild)and need advice abp\out recruiting

    Except for the cookies and pole dancing parts, I've actually received some messages similar to this....lol.
  14. Czari

    Contest day 3

  15. Czari

    Contest day 1

    Six differences as noted.
  16. Czari

    [Question] New Player, just starting out

    I did Bronze Age for a year to challenge myself. :) The one thing I would advise any new player is to NOT rush through everything. IMO, FoE is a marathon, not a sprint.
  17. Czari

    [Question] New Player, just starting out

    Agree 100%. I've always done the recurring quests but a year ago I created a new city specifically to test out the HQS (Heavy Questing Strategy) and absolutely love it!
  18. Czari

    [Question] Challenge me!