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  1. bomber9530

    Show off your city competition

    A little unfinished. Got a space saved for the new Aztec Building and also got some free space that I'm trying to figure out best way to utilize it. Otherwise my city is fairly self sufficient.
  2. bomber9530

    Rewarding riddle ride competition

    Hihihi. I am indeed the lucky one people hate or love. I like changing peoples' appearances and thoughts, if I need to. If a person likes taking care of them self I will go up even much higher. To some people I will fool them. To others I am a mystery. Some people might want to try and hide me...
  3. bomber9530

    Message Thread Jumping

    I tried searching for it, but I couldn't find anything, so maybe one of you more active members can tell me if it's been mentioned before. However, when reading messages in threads if a new message is posted, the thread jumps to the bottom and then you have to scroll back up to the top in order...
  4. bomber9530

    Colosseum Challenge

    My guild and I have a running joke about Colosseums and we were wondering about the highest level colosseum in the game. I tried looking on ForgeStats but couldn't find one, so I'm issuing a challenge to everyone to help me find the highest level Colosseum in the game. (Player name and world...
  5. bomber9530

    [Answered] Enable confirmation box for cancelled productions?

    It's fixed now. Support fixed it. That's up to them. I see the pros and cons of both. For the one touch option it could get annoying to have to reset the pop ups then disable each one individually. With the list of every pop up option, it could be a separate menu in the settings kind of how...
  6. bomber9530

    [Answered] Enable confirmation box for cancelled productions?

    UPDATE: I attached an image of the confirmation box to show what I wanted. A different person responded that they had enabled the feature again. I'll test it a little later once I collect my current productions. Don't want to risk losing a production if its not actually fixed.
  7. bomber9530

    [Answered] Enable confirmation box for cancelled productions?

    Well they need to make it to where players can control that to prevent this unnecessary use of support resources.
  8. bomber9530

    [Answered] Enable confirmation box for cancelled productions?

    Tried that. Same result. Which is why I came here.
  9. bomber9530

    [Answered] Enable confirmation box for cancelled productions?

    Can anyone help me enable the confirmation box for cancelling productions? I contacted support but I can't find the option they are talking about. Maybe one of you will understand? If someone could help me either step by step or with screenshots, that would be helpful.
  10. bomber9530

    Contest day 7

    My favorite memory of playing Forge of Empires was when I first joined my current guild and met all the amazing people that help make the game more fun. I've made some life long friends that definitely know how to have a good time. Without the social component of the game, I would not be going...
  11. bomber9530

    Contest day 4

    The Guild Championships
  12. bomber9530

    Contest day 5

    The Atlantis Museum gives the player a chance to double the resources they plunder after successfully defeating a neighbor's defenses, and provides the player with random goods of your age every 24 hours. From Modern Era onward, it gives the player double unrefined goods for their era. I'd like...
  13. bomber9530

    Contest day 6

    =36. I'd like Cryptocash please and thank you.
  14. bomber9530

    Contest day 3

    The witch
  15. bomber9530

    Contest day 1

    I Found 7
  16. bomber9530

    12 days of Christmas Contest

    On the twelfth day of Christmas Inno sent to me: 12 Neighbors Aiding 11 Fighters Fighting 10 Traders Trading 9 Shrines of Knowledge 8 Residentials 7 Packs of Forge Points 6 Decorations 5 WISHING WELLS 4 Tribal Squares 3 Diamond Sales 2 Watchfires and a Blueprint from a friend's Arc
  17. bomber9530

    Super power contest

    Invisibility Rugnir
  18. bomber9530

    December Never ending lottery

    9530 Rugnir
  19. bomber9530

    American Football Pick the winners

    Seahawks Buccaneers Lions Packers Vikings Rams Cowboys Bills Bengals Jaguars Steelers Giants Patriots Panthers
  20. bomber9530

    Football (American) contest

    Carolina Atlanta Green Bay Detroit New England Washington Baltimore Houston Arizona LA Rams Kansas City LA Chargers Denver - GO BRONCOS!!!! Indianapolis