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  1. Bitter Lily

    Where's Season 11?

    Dontwannaname, please don't abandon us! I've looked for the past season in both of my worlds, and it's not to be found.
  2. Bitter Lily

    Is !Fish to Fry! right for you?

    Small guild looking to expand. We offer a friendly social group and help with GBs, trades, and events. GE is optional, but frying fish on the Battlegrounds is a must -- at least 20 encounters/season. Are you looking for us? If so, please apply to !Fish to Fry! or contact me.
  3. Bitter Lily

    Events and jumping an Age

    I have an Iron Age city that is ready to jump to EMA. I'm itching to jump, moreover. Normally, I'd time my jump for a Thursday, to get the best advantage in GE & GBg. But Spring is about to be sprung upon us, and I'm wondering if I should spend tomorrow upgrading everything in readiness for the...
  4. Bitter Lily

    Swap buttons in the Sell dialog

    The "Sell" and the "Cancel" buttons are reversed in the confirmation dialog when I look at selling something, compared to the order I expect (and which is used elsewhere). Perhaps the buttons should be worded as a green "Keep" on the left and a red "Sell" on the right, as for the confirmation...