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  1. Eleanor The Krusty

    Sticks To Bricks - single thread or multiple thread preferred?

    Does your guild do a single Sticks to Bricks thread where each person adds their new GB, or do you have a separate thread for each new GB that people leave after they’ve given? Which do you prefer and why? The pluses that I see for having all STB on one thread is that you can see who is giving...
  2. Eleanor The Krusty

    Jovian 1019 The Cruel

    If you’re ever in the same neighborhood as player Jovian 1019 The Cruel on Vingrid, please feel free to level all of his buildings for him as he feels free to level other players buildings and sent out a big group message to the entire neighborhood explaining how he planned to do o as he had no...
  3. Eleanor The Krusty

    Chateau Frontenac for younger cities worth it?

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the more advanced players in every guild have no memory of what it’s like to be a younger city, and are all obsessed with certain GBs, giving the same tired advice - “Get an Arc, get a Traz. Build your Arc to level 80.” Thanks, Kevin, but how does that advice...
  4. Eleanor The Krusty

    Selling your guildmates Arc goods

    Honestly, if a more advanced guild member offers to SELL Arc goods, then it’s probably not a very good guild since they don’t want their younger cities to have an Arc, and aren’t actively trying to help eachother build GBs. Seems exploitive to me. I’ve been in good guilds and I’ve been in not so...
  5. Eleanor The Krusty

    Kittens are cute, everyone agree?

    OMG how cute are kittens?