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  1. dolce darcia

    Dustkings looking for new Guildies!

    Welcome to the Dustkings! We are a small guild with players in various Ages hoping to grow in numbers again. We’re currently recruiting all beginners and experts in this game! Our goal is simple! 1) Respect other players. 2) Complete min 4 encounters in Guild Expedition weekly. ** 3) Follow...
  2. dolce darcia

    Chamaize Recruiting

    Bumping this up with some updates =)
  3. dolce darcia

    [Bug Report] Volume setting resetting

    World: (Innternational - Parkog / Sinerania) & (US- Xyr) Browser: Chrome -Version 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit) Issue: Whenever I log into my game, it enters the game with the MAX volume. But the in-game volume bar shows at 1/6 setting. After setting the volume down to 1/6 again, upon...
  4. dolce darcia

    Chamaize Recruiting

    Hi all. My former Guild Lead left this guild to me and now I'm trying to grow this guild. Our guild was established at September 2019 and we're a fresh guild. We are a tiny guild hoping to grow in numbers, and we’re currently recruiting all beginners and experts in this game! Our goal is...
  5. dolce darcia

    Can't login to US server

    I have the same issue =( Cleared both cache/cookies and it doesn't work. I have accounts on British and US servers. If I chose British flag link. it tries to log me into danish flag page. If I chose USA flag link, it tries to log me into the British/USA flag page. They both complain that it's...