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  1. Emberguard

    Ideas for a guide

    Hey guys :) I'm going to write a guide up in regards to the Official Wiki Innogames has. During my time as a moderator I've found myself constantly referring to it as it has a wealth of information in there. The more I use it the more I find that I didn't expect to find in there. However, I have...
  2. Emberguard

    New Issue Mobile App Update Problems (v1.88)

    They can post in this thread. Below is the bug reporting template. Any info that's relevant within that would be great (or any additional info) Browser and Version: Overview of the bug: Screenshots: How often this occurs: Urgency: Preventative Actions: Summary:
  3. Emberguard

    Rotating Building [output/boost] Symbols

    Proposal Format Proposal Allow the user to click on a button that changes what is currently displayed on top of the buildings. The visuals I've presented work on the assumption the user would click on the button and it'd rotate in a set order. However it could also be implemented with a drop...
  4. Emberguard

    No Scout Province Available (Tutorial)

    World: Arhavall & Brisgard Browser and Version: Chrome V 71.0.3578.98 Description of the bug: When starting a new world the game doesn't load the scout province. The buttons down the bottom still respond when clicked though I can't return to the city (which I assume you're not meant to be able...