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  1. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    Well besides that guild is weak in fighting they are also weak in communication and team leading. Are you looking for excuse for abandoning GBG? Please recruit more people to your guild in case you want to win something there.
  2. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    Believe me if you have a strong guild you'll be fine and be able to get your piece.
  3. When can we stop pretending GBG is balanced?

    That only means your guild is weak and can't compete with anyone else.
  4. Community Sprint

    I think it’s important for goods traders only. I’m not over excited about this.
  5. Feedback for update 1.209

    140 friends is a good update. But I imagine how I’m going to aid all 140 friends and I don’t want them anymore. Please make it possible to aid/sit in tavern with one button to all. Thanks
  6. Community Sprint

    If it is only one I hope it will be one click aid lol Thanks both for the info!
  7. Community Sprint

    It was planned in March and it said 2 weeks in June. We've been asked for ideas. Did you guys spend 2 weeks for the Community Sprint? Did you reschedule it? There were so many great ideas. That would be sad if you skipped that Sprint. Appreciate some feedback on those ideas. Thank you!
  8. Feedback for update 1.200

    Thank you for fixing RQ delay!
  9. Feedback: Suggestions for our Community Sprint

    1) Add a small button which will "aid all" separately for friends, guildmates and neighbors. 2) In the combat window add a new tab "No age units" so far we have all tabs except no age units. 3) I would like to see bunch of new cool avatars. Also would like to see an opportunity to get a personal...
  10. Feedback for update 1.199

    Please fix the RQs delay. This is very annoying. I feel like I'm 80 years old doing the RQs.
  11. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    This is so true... If you can't compite with strong guilds GET stronger and come back! or join a strong guild. That's it. Whining doesn't work.
  12. Portraits as Rewards for Every Age

    I would suggest to add unique avatars and also ability to change a nickname for diamonds. I'm not sure if someone suggested this earlier but I can make new thread. Should I?
  13. Soccer Event 2020 Feedback

    or they can do this type of event every year!
  14. Update to 1.180 - Feedback

    The Message Center icon is really annoying :(
  15. Looking for some goods

    Yea, I'm looking for person who can trade those goods for FP in James. If someone wants to help. Just leave me your offer here.
  16. Looking for some goods

    Hello! I'm looking for help to get some goods for my new GB. I need : 270 Basalt, 170 Brass, 270 Gunpowder, 150 - Talk Powder, 140 Silk Thank you.
  17. The Arc in the Iron age

    Yea Monte looks better for me FP instead of coins. But anyways I don't have a single blueprint yet. I need to get 2 last blueprints for the Lighthouse and I can built it. Prob will do it asap. Thank you. P.s. If anyone have more suggestion I'd love to take all :) Thanks!
  18. The Arc in the Iron age

    Thanks for an advise! I've just built a Zeus bc I got all blueprints. Not sure if I need to max it first (it will make fights little easier right?) or should I build something else for my era and max it as much as possible? P.s. I'm in EMA already right now.
  19. The Arc in the Iron age

    1) I'm just wondering how this is work. Works mechanism of the GBs from futures eras. 2) Not sure that I need The Arc maybe there is something more useful for me.