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  1. JoyfulRider

    New Issue Goods icon missing on special event building

    In PC, after opening the special building (Masquerade Ball, Gondolo Dock market etc) goods icon not available. Both Chrome and Firefox having the same problem.
  2. JoyfulRider

    What will happen when GbG and GvG both got removed?

    Tired of making battles with Checkers, Softlocks, Fighting rapidly, Capturing sectors day by day and Reset's. Kind of losing fun in the game, but to maintain guild rules forcing mind to do those damn battles. Little reluctant to the game approach nowadays and Still keeping a flow in the game...
  3. JoyfulRider

    Defending army is immortal. why so?

    Just having only one set of defending army units and it fights with unlimited attackers. What will be worst case, when the defending army got lost and another attacker jumps in for plundering. Currently, immortal defending army tries to defend with full power auto healing 100% and safeguards...
  4. JoyfulRider

    [Question] No age bar on random units from special buildings

    Special building which produces random units, can be able to produce units from any age. It doesn't matter about which age special building belongs too. It even produces spearfighters if we are staying in future era also. But it never produces army units higher than special building age or era...
  5. JoyfulRider

    Do Not Suggest Enable arrows in busy production buildings menu to move manually

    Idea: In the production building menu, while doing the production set for first time, arrows are enabled to go back and forth. But after applying the productions, if wanted to verify or change the productions of few buildings need to open each building one by one. Arrows are disabled now after...