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  1. Not A Bug GBG matching making is based on guild ID thus all the guilds get stuck with each other

    im pretty sure this issue has been reported by multiple times among all the worlds but it seems like nobody gets an answer from the support. I don't think I can link the video about this issue here but I just wanna know if inno gonna fix it anytime soon?
  2. Where is our second GB on SAAB?

    Its almost a year since they launch SAAB and there is still no 2nd GB on that age? did Inno say they not gonna push out another extension tech tree on SAAB and go straight to SAV?
  3. neighborhood shift

    so is nobody gonna talk about this weird one-week neighborhood shift? is it a common thing after the winter event? I'm pretty sure its not 2 years ago when i was playing, lol
  4. GVG was half dead and now need to compete with the new kid on the block(GBG)

    First of all, I decided to come back to the game after one and half years break. Even though the forum deleted my account due to inactive, I'm here again as one of the proud members of plunder representatives in the forum:) Jokes aside, I was a fan of gvg and still love it. And I like gbg too...