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  1. Pickled Feet

    Statue of Honor in Bronze Age

    I was in a small guild when I first started, and one of the admins had a lvl 8 Statue of Honor, as well as a lvl 3, but he was in Bronze Age. He had some other event buildings, but nothing unusual like that. I was curious and looked the SoH up on the wiki (I believe I used Fandom's wiki), and it...
  2. Pickled Feet

    Event Buildings.

    If INNO was to "rerun" an event building from a previous event instead of the Athlon Abbey for this Soccer Event, what would you like it to be.
  3. Pickled Feet

    Tesla Historic Questline

    Idea: Have a historic questline of Nikola Tesla, with the reward being a special production building or whatever Inno would prefer, in the form of a Tesla Coil. I have not seen anything like this in any ideas, and I don't think this falls under DNS Reason: I just think it would be a fun...
  4. Pickled Feet

    Alcatraz and Rogues, Drummers, etc.

    I was viewing an Alcatraz and saw it said it produced units according to the units you can produce in your city. Would it produce rogues, drummers, color guards, and/or champions if I had the hideout, retreat, etc.
  5. Pickled Feet

    [Question] Cape Canaveral GB

    Is it (in peoples personal opinion) worth even building, I see it a lot, but it always seems to output as many FPs daily as the current level (i.e. 13 FPs for level 13), whereas it takes 948 FPs to get from level 12 to 13. Let me know your opinion.
  6. Pickled Feet

    [Question] Active Guild

    Does anyone know of a good, active guild that does GE and doesn't mind me plundering my neighbors? I am a newer city on Angkor, EMA, one GB but close to another.
  7. Pickled Feet

    [Question] Tower of Babel

    In peoples personal opinion, is the Tower of Babel GB worth the FPs, goods, and time invested in it.
  8. Pickled Feet

    [Question] Event Buildings and Antiques Dealer

    Do event buildings (such as hanami bridge and pagoda selection kits) sell in the Antiques Dealer after an event, I have seen them there during the event, but am not sure if they will still be available later on.
  9. Pickled Feet

    [Question] SAAB

    How long does it take (I know, that is a very relative question) to reach SAAB, if you are a SAAB player please just leave a rough estimate of the time you spent.
  10. Pickled Feet

    [Question] Sniping

    Very new to game and have been perusing the forum a bit, seen the term "sniping". Not sure what it means, could someone clarify.
  11. Pickled Feet

    [Question] Rogue Hideout Shrink Kit

    Is it possible to get the shrink kit for the Rogue Hideout anymore? I have seen the Rogue Dens in neighbor's cities but never seen a shrink kit.