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  1. Unformatted Platinum BG

    Also whats with the 1 slots in the 2nd row????? what, who is the genius to put that in the program
  2. Unformatted Platinum BG

    Please, PLEASE, do not mess up platinum sector slots, there should be no 1 slots in the 3rd area in platinum, why???? well because these are the small guilds, can you please support smaller guilds..... JUST PLEASE, FoE can you stop messing up the game and do it right. Stop changing all of BG...
  3. AF to OF

    It took me 5 days to finish AF but IDK if its worth it to go to OF first because the orichalcum harbor is so far and the SC will give 50/50 chance to give promethium or orchalcum? right? or is it promethium until you get the new harbor? anyone know?
  4. AF to OF

  5. GvG

    I am from Inferno and I want to know why UWS is getting assaulted in GvG by 3 guilds. Where is the honor in that. Did people lose their honor? is UWS really that strong?