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  1. WANDERERthe

    Why don't The guild get a message when someone up's a age ?

    Gongrades (Guild member name) for advancing a new age
  2. WANDERERthe

    Unfair advantage on iPhone

    Why do i only see buy 500 Diamonds and get 1000 Back only on my Iphone Switching to my pc at home no such deal And no using $$ it’s a swap 500 Diamonds for 1000 Diamonds Explain this unfair advantage Next time i see it i will take a pic of it!
  3. WANDERERthe

    Why is there no real System inactive leder

    Why is there so many pages of dead guilds out there Just siting there doing nothing I have been in a guild with a dead founder for over 3 weeks with no other leader So why cant a active member be a new founder