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  1. Unformatted

    I have a great idea. You could, perhaps, have a tab (or something) that explains what "formatting" is. I'm 53 years old. Perhaps everyone understands but me. I have searched time and time again. Why can't there be a tab (or something) that says, "This is how you format"?
  2. Unformatted Make more money for you, the developers!

    Hi. I am kinda into your game. I am of the Solamnic Knights. I'm sorry if this is not "formatted". I am new to this. Please don't go ape over formatting issues. For therapy reasons I tried to develop a game for my patients. I thought it would be easy. Oh, how wrong I was!!! I understand a little...
  3. Unformatted Trick or Treat!!!

    Have you noticed it is always day time in your city? I love the various events that come along. What if the "event" is Halloween and when you click on the upper left hand corner "event tab" YOUR city turns to night time and you can go trick or treating at your own house. Even better... what if...