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  1. Maze competition

    one of many solutions posted
  2. Unformatted make visible the battle counter while fighting or negotiating in Guild Battlegrounds

    When participating in guild battle grounds, I often have to battle manually. Stronger guild members autobattle and can complete many more battles than I can. Because it may take a minute for me and because, within a minute, 40 battles may have been won by auto battles, there have been 3...
  3. Challenge 3

    1 – D Notre Dame - This High Middle Age’s GB boosts happiness and produces supplies. 2 – B Royal Albert Hall - This GB provides a quantity of goods for the Guild’s Treasury every 24 hours. 3 – E The Arc - This GB’s atmosphere and reputation continue to attract the finest minds on the planet. 4 –...
  4. Challenge 1

    1 Winter Event 2 Forge Bowl Event 3 Fall Event 4 Archeology Event 5 Spring Event 6 Summer Event 7 St Patrick Event 8 Halloween Event
  5. Challenge 1

    a 9 b 3 c 4