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  1. Unformatted How about something like a PvP equivalent for Negotiations?

    GBG does this. I suppose you could have a Player Battleground (PBG). But it seems like a duplicate of GBG, and you wouldn't be directly going against something of another player like you do in PvP.
  2. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    Well, I have to say this event has gone well. On my 3 worlds I already have 8, 7, and 7 levels with a good chance at another 1 or 2 more each in the minigame plus the final quest level. As a bonus I picked up 6 levels of the Olympic Treasury on my world that needed 2 more levels to max out.
  3. Unformatted events for non-guild players

    I have 2 solo guilds and play both GE and GBG. GE is relatively easy on difficulty level 1. There are 16 encounters that can each be resolved by fighting or negotiation. I would recommend it for the rewards you get - forge points, coins, supplies, diamonds, etc. GBG works a little...
  4. Unused event building upgrades....?

    I keep the main building upgrades. Others I get in the daily special depend on the building.
  5. GB Plan For Trading-Only City

    Event buildings will provide supplies, coins, happiness and population. So I would not do any GB's just for those. Additional happiness may be needed at some point for a while, but Cultural Buildings can supply the need.. Add Galata Tower for the goods. I have a city in the Colonial Age that...
  6. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    Dark Doorway has more people. But it shouldn't make that much difference. There are many quirks in the game. I no longer let that bother me, I just try to take advantage of them where I san. :D
  7. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    All 3 of my cities are at level 6 for the Mountain Reserve. All are up to today on the daily quests and I expect to complete the 55 Quests for an upgrade. I need 31, 33, and 37 paws for a Grand Prize upgrade which is within reach. No diamonds have been spent. This event has turned out to...
  8. Military unit overstock....

    Well, just for fun, I use older units on the first few GE encounters. It's usually enough to get some medals at the end of the week, Units 1 level back are good for early fights in GBG and save current units for later higher attrition.
  9. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    Well the boards are unpredictable. I just played one for 12 paws and then another for 1 paw (no others even showed up). But the more I play it, the better I get at it. Am easily on track to have a completely upgraded building and possibly an have extra upgrade.
  10. Unformatted confirmation prompt for auto fighting

    I like the idea provided there is activation on/off option in the settings.
  11. July Competition - Who dares wins!

    Destroy F5 then click F7 and F8
  12. Tomorrow Era is way too futuristic

    The pace of technology advancement is increasing. By 2060 there will be numerous things that no one today is predicting. Laser guns may even be obsolete by then.
  13. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    As I play the mini game, I am getting better at it. It's a little tricky with the chest remaining after clearing a block of 5+, have to pay attention to where you want it to appear. Since the supply of coins is very limited, part of the game is learning when and where to use the tools. I buy...
  14. What buildings drop No Age blueprints when aided?

    Observatory blueprints can be event rewards. In the current event, Orange Chests give a chance of an observatory blueprint.
  15. Has anyone collected Wildlife currency from incidents?

    I have gotten coins, usually 3 and 10-20 a couple of times.
  16. Unformatted We have ferris wheels...

    Bumper cars and teacup rides would be fun also.
  17. Fighting in HMA with EMA units?

    I find that having A/D boosts of about 100% (or more) makes fighting up 1 level fairly easy without too much loss. Watch out for defensive boosts. Since the higher level units have a higher base value, A/D boosts have more of an effect.
  18. Wildlife Event 2021 Feedback

    My existing Menageries were changed with no action on my part, both those in the city and in inventory. Makes them worth having and sorry I sold some a while back.
  19. PvP Arena (Reworked) Feedback

    Only your first 5 defensive battles each day count against you (or for you if you win). After that, they don't even show up on your log. Since you pretty much always lose them all, who attacks you first 5 times is largely irrelevant. You lose less points for folks fighting down 1 age and more...
  20. Antique Dealer Locks

    Note that this can only be done from the Star tab. It is not available on the Buildings tab.